An Ultimate Guide to Building Automation Solutions

Buildings are required to be cost-effective, energy-efficient, safe, and they should provide the highest level of comfort and convenience to the owner. Building automation solutions have been designed to deliver convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency. But the building automation system that we have today results from researchers and inventors’ long and rigorous hard work. This article is going to act as an ultimate guide to building an automation system. 

What is Building Automation?

Building automation uses smartphones, PC, or wall panels via the internet to monitor and control electronic gadgets (Such as HVAC, indoor and outdoor lighting, security systems, thermostats, etc.). The building automation system reduces power consumption, increases comfort and convenience, and increases security.

Development of building automation solutions

Automation is the new trend of the 21st century. Nowadays, people dream of living in a building that offers the highest level of security, energy efficiency, and an enhanced level of comfort and convenience. Now a day you can see automation in a wide range of buildings. The following are some examples: 


School is the place that needs the highest level of security. So building an automation system is a dire need of any school. The building automation system can improve the management of the operations in school along with energy-saving and safety. 


With the help of a hotel automation system, the guest’s stay at the hotel can be made memorable. More and more visitors will be attracted, thus skyrocketing revenues. 

Exhibition and convention complex

The city complex attracts many people to gather, so security and convenience are essential requirements. Building automation can ensure high-intensity lighting, an excellent HVAC system, and better management of operations. 

City complex

City complex has to adapt automation solutions to facilitate management and attract customers in public areas. With unique features of building automation systems, you can create more possibilities for façade lighting and landscape lighting. 

Transportation hub

In modern transportation hubs such as airports and train stations, building automation can simplify the management, reduce the workforce, and save energy.   


The building automation system can change the environment of an office. You can automatically control lights, AC, and other devices through this system, thus saving energy. The system can increase comfort in an office, making the place a peaceful place for the occupants to focus on their work. 

Building automation is not an overnight invention. It is a result of continuous inventions and innovations. There has been a steady growth in building automation solutions. 

Why do we need building automation solutions?

We need building automation solutions for multiple reasons. The article will tell you the top three reasons you need building automation solutions in the following section. 

1.Save money

Smart Building automation is very cost-effective. The system can reduce power bills, maintenance costs, reduce labor costs, and many other operations costs. 

2.Save energy

Building automation solutions are specially designed to save energy, and they consume less energy. It is calculated that lighting and HVAC devices consume 70% of the building electricity, but half of them is wasted due to poor and inefficient building management systems. By building an automation system, you can save more than 30% of consumption power. 

3.Environmentally friendly

When you consume less energy for lighting, heating, and cooling, you are saving energy. In this way, you can reduce your carbon footprint, making the system very environmentally friendly. 

Now the reasons behind choosing building automation solutions are well justified. Buying these automation solutions can be a wise decision. 

Why HDL Automation?

Well, now I see that you are interested in buying building automation solutions for your building. HDL automation is a pioneer in building automation solutions. Their products can improve your operations dramatically. Automation solution is designed keeping in mind the unique needs and requirements of customers. Some of the benefits that you can expect from their products are as follow: 

  • Easy to operate
  • Innovative and robust design
  • Intelligent security 
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Comfort and convenience

 HDL automation has the best products, and you can contact them for more information.

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