Applying These Strategies Will Make the Process of Grading Essays Much Less Challenging


Perform a check using the Russian Roulette Grading technique on your findings.

Even if students require a lot of time to write in order to improve their writing abilities, adding extra time to your timetable for grading does not have to be done in order to accommodate this need. In the first ten minutes of each class session, have the students react in writing to the daily journal question that has been provided to them. It is crucial for students to have a sufficient amount of time on Friday to complete their assignments.

As soon as class is over, use a spinner like the one shown below to choose a journal at random from those that were submitted by those students throughout the previous week. The student’s diary has to be labelled with the word “Wednesday” so that you can immediately identify it and offer a great score in the event that the wheel falls on Wednesday. This will save you from experiencing both time and irritation.

Simply fill in the blanks without glancing at the other possible responses. As long as you brief your students on what they may expect from this approach before the first day of class, they should be OK with it. Please visit samedayessay for essay help.

There is a pressing need for a formative evaluation right now.

According to Kymberly Fergusson, “to avoid plagiarism and to uncover obstacles or misconceptions early on in the process.” [Citation needed] With the help of SOAPSTone, you might re-teach students who already have a basic understanding of your task the rhetorical context of it (Speaker, Occasion, Audience, Purpose, Subject, Tone).

Include a Tracking Sheet in the email you send.

In order for me to properly analyse the draughts that my students have created, they staple a tracking sheet made of yellow cardboard to the back of each essay, and I make a mental note of the problems that are most often encountered. In general, cardstock and coloured paper that is made of a more sturdy material is better equipped to withstand the stress of a semester.

In the event that the same mistake is found in many draughts of the same essay, a writing conference will be held to discuss how to correct the issue. If a significant number of pupils commit the same blunder, I provide a brief classroom instruction to the whole group.

Do not bother copyediting your whole paper unless it is really necessary to do so.

Nearly every student has trouble understanding an essay that has been written correctly, and as a result, they wind up feeling entirely confused in the process. I could mark up every word as if I were editing an early version of the Magna Carta, but instead I’ve decided not to spend my time and effort on this matter. After they have an example to follow, have the students edit the rest of the text on their own.

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