Arcade slots gameplay 


Arcade slots gameplay 

More and more arcade style slots are starting to pop up in online casinos. These slots may seem like your regular slot games but arcade slots actually have a completely different style of gameplay. Visit Easy Slots where the best slots might be one click away.

What are Arcade slots? 

Arcade slots are retro styled slot games which aim to emulate arcade slots of the past. The main incentive for players who use these slot types is the unique themes and fun gameplay, these slots are a nice throwback for players. Traditionally, slot games are luck based. There is usually very little skill involved. However with an arcade slot, there is an element of skill needed. Although the skill level doesn’t affect the overall payout of the slot, players need a decent grasp of the game in order to successfully progress. Arcade slots are based on some of the most recognisable titles in classic video game history, there are arcade slots based on Pac man, Tetris and even Street Fighter. 

Why use an Arcade slot? 

Arcade slots have been getting increasingly popular in recent years, there are many reasons why players should use an arcade slot. 

  1. Throwback to a previous era. Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, it helps people to feel as though they are younger again. Arcade slots are the perfect nostalgia slot for players of a certain age. They manage to mix all the classic elements of an arcade game with the modern aspects of a slot game, ultimately creating something which is the best of both worlds.
  2. Newer players can experience classics. For younger players, arcade slots provide the perfect chance for them to enjoy games that they wouldn’t have before. Although arcade games are popular, younger people tend to be less familiar with them. Arcade slots are a great way of bringing these classics to a new generation whilst also modernising them a little, essentially ensuring that they will continue to live on. 

Best Arcade slots 

With the combination of entertainment value, player skill and a little bit of luck, arcade slots have proved to be extremely well liked by the slot community. The following are some of the best arcade slots. 

  •     Space Invaders is an arcade slot which was developed by Playtech, it is based on the classic arcade game and it features an RTP of 96.16%. The Space Invaders slot features beautiful graphics which help give the slot a sleeker feel whilst still staying true to the design of the original arcade game.
  •     Street Fighter was one of the most anticipated slots of all time, based on the beloved fighting series from Capcom. The slot was developed by NetEnt who did an amazing job in replicating the graphics and designs of the original game. This slot looks exactly like the original Street Fighter II which was back released in 1991. The slot also offers a generous RTP of 96.01%! 

Final Thoughts 

Arcade slots have much more skill based gameplay whereas regular slots are much more luck based. The dynamic themes of arcade slots really help them to stand out.

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