Are Essay Writing Services Worth It

If you are a student or were there in academics once, you know how difficult it was to come up with written assignments within the given time limit.

Well, time and skills are the two most valuable things in anyone’s life, and when you have to maintain two things at once, you come to acknowledge the heat of it. Nothing is impossible, but the goals need to be reasonable as well.

We are not saying that completing assignments in college is impossible or not reasonable, but there is a limit to the students. They are not all scholars, and they have very little experience so far in their life.

If you see it from a professor’s point of view, you will only see it from their future perspectives. But if you are a student, you know how difficult it becomes at times to complete the assignments.

This is where students try different things and experiment with various opportunities.

The way you deal with your life will give you back the same consequences. For instance, if you work hard, you will get results, but if you input smartness into your work, you might get better results.

This is where some students consider Fresh Essays research paper essay writing services to deal with their daily assignments and writing issues.

But the concern is that most of us do not think it is a viable option, and that is what we are going to discuss here.

Are Essay Writing Services Legal And Reliable?

Writing is an unavoidable and integral part of your life. No matter what you do, whichever path you choose in your life after studying, you will have to deal with the writing process more or less.

This is a section of importance, and thus professors are more into providing writing assignments to the students to enhance both their subject knowledge and writing skills.

However, students try to bypass some of their assignments to the essay writing services to complete their assignments on time. In that meantime, they may concentrate on other papers or studies as well.

Is this not a smart approach?

Yes, it is. When you can complete multiple works within the given time, and with the quality they have, you are smart indeed.

Then where is the problem?

The problem is with the trust and legality of these services for many people. They are concerned with the reliability and legal opportunities of these writing services. However, it is quite clear that writing services have been there for almost 20 years.

So, this is not a new concept to follow, but still, there are questions.

Considering the first question, it is notable that there is no particular law against the usage of writing services. So, there is no question of its legality. But yes, when you are trying to deal with your academics, you might think that it is a cheating process.

Now, considering the second question, many people think that it is unethical to use essay writing services as it is a breaching process for the education system.

But are we sure that it is an unethical process?

No. We cannot claim (legally) that it is an unethical process because its users can determine the variable of essay writing services.

Why Are Essay Writing Services Still In Questionable Positions?

Using essay writing services is scary for some people because many of us are unaware of online breaches, and we don’t want to use online services due to fraudulent activities.

Well, apart from that, there are some prominent reasons behind the untrust and negative questions regarding essay writing services.

People Are Afraid Of Being Caught

We all know that using essay writing services is unacceptable to academics. So if your professor or the instructor comes to know that you have used an essay writing service to complete the assignment or any other task, then a bad situation and remark will be there.

Things are constantly changing, and you are not alone in the process of smart changes. The education system is going global and going digital.

Now, see it from a different perspective and consider yourself as an international student who has no understanding of the English language but studying at a University which allows the English language.

What about the situation now?

Will you be able to complete your assignments on time without any assistance? So, the viability of essay writing services might be under question, but if you consider it for your goods and use it in difficult conditions, then there is nothing wrong.

Low-Quality Paper

Another concern for the students is the low quality of their assignment papers. No one wants to get a low-quality paper after they have paid money to complete their paper.

No user will want it to happen to them. One of the foremost purposes of the students going for an essay writing service is to consider a good quality paper within the given time limit.

Well, it’s difficult to doubt the quality of papers from an essay writing service because all of these services claim 100% quality with efficient writers.

As a user, you will want to go and look out for three things:

Money Issues

The third issue is the money issue. Essay writing services are mostly used by international students, and it is not difficult to understand that students lack income and money.

Think of yourself in this position. Will you be able to pay a decent wage per word for completing your assignment on time?

If you can, will all the students be able to do that?

Money is a big factor for any student, and thus most of them avoid essay-writing services.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Online Essay Writing Service?

After you have gone through the main concerns of people regarding essay writing services, it’s time to focus on the particular benefits of essay writing services.

Well, there are enormous and irresistible advantages of using essay writing services for not only students but others who need writing assistance.

Let’s find out the key benefits of it.

Engagement Of Professional Writers

Writing becomes better when a professional writer comes on the stage. The essay writing services are way better than individual essays. You cannot commit the quality on your own due to two things:

But professional essay writers have been doing this for a long time, and they are well aware of the particular topics. Apart from that, a good essay writing service only assigns the job to the writers who are capable of dealing with the particular subject.

Better Customer Service

A 24*7 customer service is all you need from any service provider. These essay writing services are mostly using 24*7 customer service to help grab the consumer’s attention and also provide service.

On the other hand, they are most helpful in dealing with the assignment instructions. For instance, if you need to talk directly to the writer to let them understand your instructions, they will allow you to do that.

This direct communication approach is helpful for thousands of students.

A Money-Back Guarantee

The essay writing services provide you with money back if they are not able to let you get the pass marks with our assignments. So, they generally push their writer to give enough effort to maintain the quality and do better research to complete an assignment.

Well, inside their organization, they generally follow a no-money-back policy because they are confident that their writers complete every job fully.

Meet Your Deadline

If you want to meet your immediate deadline, there is no better option than using essay writing services. An overnight assignment is also acceptable to essay writing services, and that is a big plus point for the students.

Free From Plagiarism

Most students get stuck with their own writing in the plagiarism section. Because we just do the research and input everything we get in the paper. But that is not the process of writing a unique essay.

Their writers use online premium tools like Copyscape, Turnitin, and Grammarly to ensure unique and better quality writing.

Are Essay Writing Services Worth It?

One of the best parts of essay writing services is that they don’t leave their responsibilities until it’s done.

So, even if your assignment gets back to you, you can send them back to revise the whole paper and provide you with a better copy to submit with all new instructions.


This is possible with essay writing services, and thus we can easily go for the services.

However, the only problem is money for the students.

Well, if you think about it from their service perspective and the quality of the paper, you will likely realize that it’s worth the cost.

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