Are physical casinos being replaced by online casinos?


Without a doubt, the iGaming sector has changed the game entirely for the casino industry. New platforms with cutting-edge technologies and an overall experience that resembles a physical casino are being introduced by an increasing number of casino providers. The selection of games is broad, the prizes are excellent, and the bonuses are even better. What does this entail for conventional casinos, though?


We’re going to examine some global statistics in more detail in this section. In 2017, the number of physical casinos in the UK was greater than that of online casinos. According to the UK Gambling Commission, between October 2015 and September 2016, the gambling market’s revenue increased by almost 3%, reaching £13.82 billion. Some of this was influenced by the Euro 2016 as remote betting increased by almost 10% to £1.7 billion and exchange betting increased by £170 million. Online casinos brought in an astounding £2.4 billion in revenue. Nevertheless, this was only 3% of the total population. In actuality, pool rose 16% while online bingo decreased to £149m. The UK experienced a decline in revenue in 2018. One of the most well-liked venues in the nation, Rank Casino, saw only a 1% increase, 7% less pre-tax income, and a 3% decrease in total gaming revenue year over year. Similar to how the Ritz Casino lost a little money in 2017 after making $11.64 in profits the year before. While Las Vegas, the epicenter of the casino industry, saw growth from 2009 to 2017, everything changed in 2018. Since January values dropped by 8.9% to $554.8 million and those in the first quarter of the year by 6.1%, the city’s revenues suffered. By the end of the year, the revenue had decreased by 1.9% overall. Although the Nevada Gaming Control Board asserted that this was because Baccarat was not played as frequently, it is debatable whether this was caused by the ongoing expansion of the online gambling industry.

The modern era of technology

How does this impact online casinos, then? Undoubtedly, as time passes, online casinos gain in popularity. Although it might appear that change is obvious now, large organizations like Microgaming have been connecting with ardent online players since 1996. They have been completely untouchable ever since they released the first video slots and table games. As more cutting-edge technologies entered the market, players could eventually benefit from an improved gaming experience. There was much debate about whether or not these providers were trying to defraud people, so the online gambling business scene didn’t exactly get off to a good start. However, there has clearly been a shift in attitude. Despite the fact that it is still against the law in some nations and states, it is largely legal and governed in nations like the UK, some US states, France, Spain, Malta, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Online casinos are predicted to generate a staggering $87.75 billion in revenue by 2024, growing at a rate of 8.77% annually, according to Mordor Intelligence. Since that time is only four years away, it’s possible that the number will have increased by then. Since top firms like Ladbrokes and Paddy Power Betfair have a strong foothold in the European market, it is anticipated that a developing market like North America will expand at the fastest rate. The main cause of this is that not all states have legalized gambling yet. Similar rules apply to nations like New Zealand. While some states still permit players to access online casinos through foreign websites, those states do not permit casino providers to conduct business there. Nevertheless, anything can change in a matter of years.


When compared to the online gambling market, it’s possible that land-based casinos are losing money. In the sports betting market, it is more practical to simply place your bets online rather than making the effort to visit a venue. Though more online casinos will undoubtedly emerge, traditional casinos will continue to leave their mark on the world. Many players still enjoy turning their casino night into a full night out. Some people also prefer a more hands-on experience, where they can actually spin the slot machine reels and interact with other players and the dealer. They simply cannot be replaced given their history and the size of the US and UK markets.

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