Beginner’s Guide to Buy Online Gemstone Jewelry in the USA

In this modern era, where e-commerce has become a new norm in the realm of trade and business, it has become a prerequisite for almost every business and industry to get into this roller coaster ride of online selling and marketing.

Although this new norm has indeed bought a revolution in the way people buy and sell things, in some cases of some goods, buying them online can be a quite tedious task for the customer.

The reason is, they might have a sentimental emotion attached to them, besides being expensive and valuable.

Gemstone jewelry and ornaments are one such product.

Still, in the face of amazing and lucrative deals and lightning-speed shipping that online sellers provide, more and more customers are considering switching to online gemstone jewelry shopping.

For you to make the best choice and avoid any sort of inconvenience, we have got for you a complete guide on how to pick the best gemstone jewelry online.

1.  A Thorough Research is Must

Alike offline jewelry shopping, research is imperative while online browsing too.

This research gets translated into:

  • Learning about the preferred jewelry
  • Picking a reputable seller or Brand
  • Going through the customer reviews and testimonials
  • Carefully checking every detail of the listing
  • Referring to the social media channels of the brand for a double-check

The portals of these online sellers are extensively vast and deep as an ocean.

Without doing prior research and cross-checking, you will just end up with a heavy head and broken heart.

Better the research, and more worthwhile would be your experience.

2. Stick to your Budget

The algorithms at the backend of these online portals are made to function in a way to lure jewelry lovers to spend more and more.

Well, quite harsh, but businesses must ensure sustainable revenue and profits.

But as informed customers, you should not let those offers and discount deals fool you.

Aligning your budget and your choice of gemstone jewelry should be prioritized under any circumstances.

Be sure about how many gemstones you are going to shop for online.

Precious gemstones like opal jewelry and turquoise jewelry would cost you quite high (even after applying coupons), so don’t just blindly throw your hard-earned money.

Beware not to follow the fundamental of “go with the flow” here.

3.  Properly Go Through its Specifications

One of the major drawbacks of online shopping is that you can’t try that product physically.

Go through every detail as well as the attribute of your gemstone jewelry.

A list of a few attributes you need to be ensured about:

  • The primary colour of the gemstone jewelry
  • How the jewelry is looking from a closer angle
  • What is its overall weight in caret
  • Size and size availability
  • It’s cut and patterns
  • Lustre effect and secondary shades of the gemstone jewelry
  • Enhancements or treatments added if any
  • Is your skin tone going with the colour

Reputed and trusted platforms for online jewelry shopping will always display a diversified stock portfolio having multiple images of that jewelry from different models.

In case you are still sceptical about any point, you can ask for some additional pics and pictures as per your thoughts and doubts.

Third-party platforms usually won’t fulfil this gap.

That’s why it is preferable to always scroll through the product listings at the official websites of reputed jewelry portals, as they cater to every specification of their customers.

To add a final touch to your analysis, scroll to the last section where customer reviews and comments are listed.

You can also check how those pieces of gemstone jewelry would look in the absence of spotlights and filters.

All this contributes towards a better experience.

4. Is the Gemstone Jewelry Matching with your attire

Remember, the end goal is to ensure that the gemstone jewelry you are about to purchase should go with your attire.

If you are purchasing for a specific event or occasion, then be rigid and specific about how you are going to match your attire with jewelry.

On the other hand, if you are buying jewelry just to look beautiful, then simply go with your choice.

Popular gemstone jewelry like larimar jewelry, moonstone jewelry, moldavite jewelry and Libyan desert glass jewelry is quite versatile.

5. Read the Policy and Guidelines

Most jewelry lovers usually ignore this major factor out of their restlessness to hit the “Buy now” button.

Properly going through every point specified under the terms and conditions of the selling party will inform you of some crucial details about the deal.

This includes:

  • Warranty period
  • Damages to be treated as claims under warranty
  • Return policy
  • Exchange policy
  • Delivery details and charges
  • After-sale services
  • Side effects and precautions (in the case of jewelry items)
  • Third-party transactional cost
  • Data privacy and security commitments
  • Any other hidden charges

For a fair deal, a customer should be aware of the above-mentioned pointers before making any potential investment in online purchase of jewelry

6. Check Out the Certificate of Quality and Authenticity

The last step before killing that “Buy Now” button.

Quality and authenticity are two of the major factors that should draw the attention and the concern of the customer.

A proper certificate, sanctioned by a registered government organisation or an authorized association of the industry, serves as an assurance of the top-notch quality and authenticity of the gemstone jewelry.

7. Check all the Details Before Placing the Order

Before placing the order, you should once check some details so that the deal can take place in a smooth and sorted way.

These details entail:

  • Address of the Buyer
  • Final price after applying discounts/deals
  • An assurance regarding order placement
  • Mode of payment
  • Order ID
  • Date of dispatching
  • Date of arrival
  • Delivery time
  • Reference mobile number (in case the buyer is not at the location at the time of delivery)

Shop Gemstone Jewelry with us….

At Rananjay Exports, we have entrusted you with the onus to surge the beauty and elegance of our beloved customers with 100% authentic, high-quality gemstone jewelry.

Happy Shopping!

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