Best NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Tips and Tricks For Building Unbeatable Team


Best NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Tips and Tricks For Building Unbeatable Team

With NBA 2K21, the first game in the series will also be released for the next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and Playstation 5. It also appears for Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. The popular NBA 2K21 MyTEAM mode has a reputation for making good progress only with real money. We’ll show you how you can make a good team even without spending real money on NBA 2K21 MT points in the game, by going over everything about Seasons, Level, Limited, Progress, Exchange, Promotion, Card Evolution and Tokens.

What are the new features in NBA 2K21 MyTeam?

In NBA 2K21 My TEAM there are several big and small changes. The biggest is the introduction of Seasons. For just under six weeks, you can earn certain rewards in individual seasons by leveling your profile. Another change is the introduction of Ascension. By completing challenges, you get picks. You can redeem them to draw cards and get a chance to advance to higher quality levels.

There is a small change in the offline mode Domination: You can no longer play on the difficulty “Rookie” against the computer, but start with “Profile”. Card evolution now works more versatile. You meet a challenge of your choice and can choose in which direction a dynamic card should develop.

How can I make good progress in NBA 2K21 My Team for free?

As in the previous parts, you’ll focus on offline modes on a grind. These are predictable and still give you strong rewards. Domination and Triple Threat work as always, with small exceptions: In the latter mode, you simply have to complete the challenge with the respective requirements.

If you reach 100 wins, Isaiah Rider will get Amethyst at the quality level. For 200 wins you get a strong Diamond Stephon Marbury and for 300 victories you get Diamond JaVale McGee.

Triple Threat also lets you open the safe, from which you can draw different rewards every two weeks. Another advantage: Since it is a 3-on-3, you consume fewer contracts.

In Domination, you must dominate opposing teams on three levels of difficulty. If you do, you’ll receive rewards for each star you receive per win. Here you often have to take extra care that you have to meet special challenges against historical teams.

How do the Feature Seasons work in NBA 2K21?

The new Seasons in NBA 2K21 My TEAM are based on a level system. By completing all the content, you earn experience points and make progress. There are new rewards for each new level. The goal is every Season Level 40, because here you get a unique Pink Diamond player.

In Season 1, this is Stephen Curry with 96 points. He is one of only four players of this quality that exists at the beginning of My TEAM and probably the best thrower in the whole game.

In the first season, you have until October 10th to reach the required level. The other rewards on the way to Level 40 will also help you grow your team, draw packs, and top up consumables.

What do I need to look out for at Exchange?

With Exchange, NBA 2K21 brings my TEAM a feature that brings new benefits to meaningless cards, especially in the past. You can exchange cards for higher quality cards.

For example, you’ll need to use three Eastern Conference wingers and three Western Conference wingers with a minimum score of 86 to unlock a secret higher-quality player that is only available on Exchange.

Some cards are inconspicuous and will receive special bonuses in the future. The developers teaser the new mode Limited, to which we will explain some tips and tricks below.

You’ll probably need to complete certain challenges with each card to improve them again, or you’ll only be able to address the challenges with these special cards from Exchange.

What upgrades should I choose for dynamic cards?

The card evolution, which was already included in older versions of NBA 2K21 MyTeam, has been modified so that you can and must make decisions now. In the picture you see two different challenges for the player Shaquille O’Neal. The number of points to be reached is the same, but the second factor is different. Here you have to get either blocks or rebounds.

Take advantage of the feature: Depending on which challenge you create first, different values will be improved. If Shaq plays the monster for the boards in your team, you unlock the athletic enhancement. If he keeps the zone clean, your choice will fall on the block-bound defensive variant. With the new card evolution, you can customize your team according to your style of play.

What progress can I unlock in Ascension mode?

Ascension is a new kind of reward in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM. Players get picks for unlocks, mastered challenges, and progress. You can use these picks to draw cards. The Clue: Not only do you draw from all kinds of cards available, but you can also get Ascension cards. These Ascension cards permanently improve the quality of all cards drawn thereafter.

You can also unlock multipliers. If you use a pick to draw a multiplier that doubles your My TEAM points in the future, you’ll get 1000 points on The Ascension at 500 NBA 2K MyTeam Points in the future. Come back to Ascension again and again and try your luck.

There are a total of three levels that you unlock with one card each. You can see the main prize of each stage in the upper left. This one is waiting for you under one of the cards at level 3.

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Limited: How Limited Mode Works

The new mode Limited is a 5-on-5 online mode. You measure yourself with other players and you have to pay attention to special requirements for your squad. For example, only players from a current playoff team can participate in Week 1. Limited mode is only available on weekends from Friday to Sunday and changes rewards and requirements every week.

If you win a game in Limited, you will receive a random reward. If you want to play at risk, you can exchange them for two random other rewards. They may be better or worse, but give you a chance to win a championship ring. You can get one per limited event each week. If you collect a ring over five weekends, you unlock the special Limited player.

Tokens: You’re most effective at giving out the NBA 2K21 tokens

Especially at the beginning of your My TEAM career, you’re missing the My TEAM points to draw hundreds of packs. However, you can play tokens as in parts before. You can then exchange them for different rewards.

You can currently receive the best players in the Pack Marketplace under Rewards. The division into seven quality levels may deter you from investing your tokens here at the beginning. However, already under the first stage are Emerald Klay Thompson and Henry Bibby.

Klay Thompson is traditionally one of the best throwers in the NBA. It is also easy to master in NBA 2K, as it has precise throw timing for every controller.

Bibby, on the other hand, has many badges for an Emerald player that will give you a good builder until you want to exchange him for a player of the end game. So collect tokens and spend them for player rewards. Over time, you’ll also get higher quality players.

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