Best Ways to Stay Safe when Hunting Alone


Best Ways to Stay Safe when Hunting Alone

Hunting is a great bonding activity, especially as a group, but hunting alone is a great way to release stress and escape from reality. It’s easier to hunt anytime and anywhere alone without having to see other group members.

As exciting and adventurous solo hunting may sound, it also comes with its dangers, especially if you hunt in places with big and wild games. Your safety is extremely important during any solo hunting because it’s just you and your gears alone in the wild.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the dangers; If you prepare properly and research your hunting area, these risks can be managed. 

How to drag a deer by yourself

If you can’t use a vehicle to drag your deer out of the woods, then there are some methods you can undergo to drag it out with your hands. 

  • Make use of your safety harness to attach the deer to your back 
  • Hold the antlers with a small rope or your hands to pull the deer
  • Make use of a ski rope to drag the deer to your vehicle
  • A sled is also useful for dragging deer to the car. You can carry one just Incase 
  • If there is a waterway close to where you parked your vehicle, then you can use it. Water removes weight from any object, living or non-living

Be Fit

The greatest thing you could acquire for your hunting trips is stamina and physical strength. It doesn’t matter if you’ll be dragging your deer back to the car or covering large areas on your legs. You have to be fit when solo hunting. Share your mapped routes.

It is important to map out the areas and routes you’ll pass through during your solo hunt trips. This is so you can share with family and friends not hunting, and they’ll be able to contact local guides if you don’t get back on time.

Satellite phone

Satellite phones are as vital as ever during a solo hunt trip. As widespread as mobile phone service may be, there’s still a possibility it wouldn’t reach some areas, or it could have very poor service. Invest in one of these so you can make use of them just in case an emergency comes up.

Weather forecast

A difficult time for hunters generally is during the summer and winter weather. You’ll need to research and plan your solo trips during the summer properly and early falls like a change of clothes and water breaks. 

KNOW Your animals

This is very important when planning a solo hunt trip. You have to be watchful of large and local predators. When you solo hunt, it’s just you and your gears, nobody else to check on you. Take along some useful pieces of equipment like bear sprays, some of the best arrows for compound bow, and be careful with your water sources. 

Note that you should resist hunting during the mating period because of the added violence from the males. Take along other important gears and equipment reviews from for added safety.

Emergency equipment 

Having with you emergency kits like first aid and some trauma kits is very important. It might seem like you wouldn’t need a lot of it because it’s just you, but you never know what may happen while hunting. It’s better to be well prepared than sorry!

Say no to risks

While you have the time of your life solo hunting and escaping reality for a couple of hours, it is important to be careful. Anything you encounter is more dangerous hunting alone than in a group. You should do things with care and precautions to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Hunting alone is all fun and games, but one must be fully prepared for what one will encounter in the woods. Don’t forget to do the necessary research on the hunting areas you picked for a smooth hunting experience. If you do all that, then be prepared for the best solo hunt trip yet! Read more about: pagalworld


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