Binding love spells


Binding love spells

Whenever you contact Spellcaster Maxim regarding a love spell , he will, first of all, be safe if he chooses to help you. And that is because there are so many eventualities that a love spell could go wrong. He then works his magic, literally, to mitigate some of those eventualities.

Most binding love spells can be cast at home. Do you know how people cast such spells in the past? Every village or town had a witch, druid or sorcerer who knew how to cast love spells. When a client, male or female, would come to them asking for help, the magic practitioner never performed any rituals but instructed the client on how to perform a specific ritual which was usually chosen by the magic practitioner. If needed, the client was provided with the required ingredients or tools which were hard to find. The client performed the love ritual and achieved whatever the goal was, such as, for example, to become lovers with someone or to get married.

If you’re interested in exploring your Visiting Subconscious, it’s important to approach it with an open mind and a willingness to be introspective. It can be a powerful tool for personal growth and self-discovery, but it’s also important to proceed with caution and seek guidance from a trained professional if necessary.

It’s been a long time since spells were cast like this and modern magic practitioners prefer to cast love spells by themselves and are unwilling to reveal their “trade secrets”. First and foremost, they don’t want to lose clients and money. Secondly, magic has advanced greatly over the years and the majority of modern rituals are very difficult to perform putting inexperienced casters in danger. So love spells can no longer be cast at home. At the same time, those old simple love spells are still quite effective. They’re still working. Cast one of them and you’ll be quite satisfied with the result. Such rituals are going to be the topic of our today’s article.​

Binding love spells

Binding love spells cast using one’s own sweat are known to be very effective. They’re great for women who’re in love with young and sexually active men or women wanting to reunite with their young lover or husband. To perform this ritual, you need a soft white towel. Keep it out in the sun for a few days. Every evening, as soon as the sun goes down, bring it in and take it out again in the morning.

Now you need to make yourself sweat. You can do it through hard physical labor or intense exercise. You should wear minimum clothes while sweating. Then wipe your body with the towel exposed to solar energy. You should do it seven times in total until the towel, soaked with your sweat, pheromones and energy, smells. Physical exercise opens up chakras, so the towel will be charged properly.

Instead of washing the towel, rinse it in a lake. Stay at the lake until the towel gets dry. For this reason you should go to the lake when it’s hot outside, so you know for sure the towel gets dry by the evening. Then give this towel to the man you love. The target may fall in love with you or feel sexually attracted to you after using the towel just once. This towel is also effective if you want to end the love affair between the man you love and his mistress. It’s believed that such towels can break love affairs. However, if the man’s married, the towel will only cause some misunderstanding and tension between the spouses but won’t make them break up.

The second love spell we’ll tell you about requires the caster to be really brave. It’s also one of the binding spells for love. The ritual is performed when the moon is full and it’s been like this for a while. Before performing the ritual, find out what time the full moon appears in the sky using a lunar calendar. It’s important because the ritual should be started 10-15 minutes prior to it. Don’t drink too much water before the ritual because you can’t take any breaks, even to use the bathroom.

Take a shower one hour before the ritual and put on new lingerie and clothes (never worn before). You should wear no jewelry or makeup. Don’t use any deodorant or perfume. You should be in the most natural state you can possibly be. Before going out (the ritual is performed outside), take a candle and light it. Grab a throw blanket too. Now go out, find a place where you can’t be seen or interrupted, put the blanket on the ground, and sit on it. Sit quietly until you see the full moon. Then turn to it and say:

“I (your name) am asking you to make (the name of the man you love) love me. I’m very serious. I won’t give up and I’m willing to fight for my happiness. Try me and I’ll prove it.”

Now close your eyes and sit still. You may finish the ritual only when the moon disappears as the sun goes up. Blow out the candle and walk home. This part of the ritual can be very scary. It may even give you a panic attack. If you understand you can’t do it anymore, light the candle and you’ll feel better immediately. Go home and never try to cast spells again. The fear you felt means your energies are weak and so are your natural energy defense mechanisms. If you manage to go through with it overcoming your fear, and you don’t run away, Higher Powers will reward you with the love of the person whose name you called.​

Note that this ritual is performed only once. If it works, go back to where you performed it during the day and bring a gift for the Forces which helped you, such as a ripe fruit, beads or other accessories. You can bring them a nice leaf or a bunch of twigs. Sweets and money can be used as a gift as well.

There is even an easier way to do it. Take a slice of bread and put it under the bed. When it gets dry, take it out and scratch half a handful of bread crumbs using a knife. Bring them to where your loved one lives and leave them there. Leave some on his bed too. This ritual stays effective for three days. So the man will be willing to start a relationship with you for three days. So don’t waste any time and take action the next morning. For example, call him and ask him for dinner. By the end of your date you’ll know for sure whether or not you’ll be together. If you’re destined for each other, you’ll start dating. Otherwise, it won’t work and even if you start dating, you’ll break up soon.

You can’t escape your karma or fate, but you can change them. It’s hard to do on your own but you can do it with a powerful spellcaster who can change the course of your life.

Binding love spells that work fast

You can also cast a love binding spell on two plants. Find and study a druid horoscope and find out what flower you are based on your date of birth and what flower your loved one is based on his date of birth. Then buy these plants at the flower shop. Bring them home and put the plant of your loved one on his photo and your plant on your photo. Wait for three days. If the plants look fresh and don’t get dry in three days, it means nothing keeps you from performing the ritual so you may start it.

Now take both the pictures, cut them into small pieces, and mix them up. Now divide the mix into two parts. Carefully take the plants out of the pots together with the soil. Put the photo pieces inside and put the plants back swopping the pots. Water the plants as required (find out how to take care of your plants at the flower shop). Water the plants for seven days. Note that this ritual should be performed when the moon is waxing. If the plants are still alive and well, you may perform the final part of the ritual. It’s very simple. Give your plant to the man you love as a gift and keep and take good care of his plant.

Flower magic has always been very effective. You can use it to:

  • Get back together with the man you love, no matter how long it’s been since you broke up;
  • Be forgiven;
  • Make up for something you’ve done;
  • Make someone who likes you fall in love with you;
  • Encourage the man to take the first step;
  • Remove jealousy;
  • Get back someone who left you for another woman;
  • Make your man prioritize you over his work.

A love binding spell can be cast in different ways. Some of the rituals are performed at intersections, others at abandoned houses or cemeteries. But since all such spells are black magic, we won’t tell you about them and instead focus on white magic or neutral magic rituals. We’ve told you multiple times that black magic is very dangerous if used by inexperienced magic practitioners, so we’re doing our best to minimize any propaganda, even unintentional, of black magic.

So the following spell which can be cast on the second day of the week is also white magic. On Tuesday walk to the nearest mirror store, buy a mirror the size of your hand, and bring it home. In the past this spell was cast using a chest, but you don’t have to have a chest. A regular cardboard box with a cover can be used instead.​

Put the mirror on the table, the reflecting side up. Put a green magic candle on it and light it. Now take a bunch of your pictures. You can use copies of the same picture as well. It’s important that in every picture you’re looking straight in the camera and smiling. Go to the kitchen, pour some water in a pan, boil it, and add some wheat flour to make some thick glue. While it’s hot, glue all the pictures to the inside of the box, without leaving any gaps.

Put the box under the bed and go to bed. Leave the candle standing on the mirror burning. In the morning, put the mirror into the box without removing the wax. From now on you should steal one item belonging to your loved one every day and put it in the box. Before closing the box, say:

“I’ve brought what you need (specify what you brought). I didn’t steal it. I borrowed it. I brought it home and hid it. I didn’t hide it forever. If you want it back (specify the item), you’ll come to me, kiss me, say you love me, and make me happy. The more you want this item back (specify), the more you’ll love me. The sooner you want it back (specify), the sooner you’ll fall in love with me. I’ll give it back to you (specify) in exchange for a kiss. I’ll give it back to you (specify) in exchange for kind words. I’ll give it back to you (specify) in exchange for your love.”

– Repeat the last three sentences three times.

The more items you put inside the box, the stronger your love spell will be. Just steal something that the man you love won’t notice is missing, and even if he does notice something is missing, he shouldn’t think it’s you who took it. For example, put his cigarette butts or used napkins into the box. The box should also contain one item from his pocket, one item from his wallet (such as a coin or a bill), and one worn piece of underwear.

When the spell brings you together, don’t throw the box out. Just put it away so it can’t be found. While you have it, the spell won’t be broken. To break the spell, burn the box. As soon as you do it, the man will fall out of love with you and have no feelings left for you whatsoever. Also note that this love spell should be put only on someone whom you want to help. Besides, all the items should be stolen personally by you and the box should be made by you alone too.

A love binding spell

To cast this binding love spell, tell the man you love that you’re a member of a volunteer organization collecting worn clothes for low-income families and ask him to donate some clothes too, such as pants, shirts, sweaters and shoes. Bring it home and put his clothes on the floor to make it look like a human body. Spit on a red string, pass it through a needle, and sew the clothes together making sure they still look like a body. Now print out a large-scale picture of the target, cut the hands and the head out, and put them on the floor where the head and the hands should be.

This spell is quite easy. Every morning brush your hair, collect the hairs from your hair brush, and attach the hair to the doll’s head. Do it every day for 14 days in a row. On the fifteenth day, light a candle, sit down next to the doll, and say the following spell while dripping some candle wax on each of the seven chakras:

“You’ve been near me for a long time without ever being mine. You’ve been watching me without ever saying you love me. But it’s going to change. Without the past, the future wouldn’t come. But the past is in the past and I’m creating my own future. I’m calling for your love. I’m calling for your affection. I’m calling for your care. I’m calling for your jealousy I’m calling for your thoughts. I’m calling for your desires. I’m calling for your soul to connect with my soul so we could be together.”

This spell is so strong that it shouldn’t be cast more than once. When you finish the spell, wrap the doll in a white cloth, stitch it, and put it away. The spell will start working shortly after you put the doll away. To break this spell, burn the doll and say:

“You’ve been near me for a long time and you’ve been all mine. You’ve been watching me saying you love me. But it’s going to change. Without the past, the future wouldn’t come. But the past is in the past and I’m creating my own future. I’m pushing away your love. I’m pushing away your affection. I’m pushing away your care. I’m pushing away your jealousy I’m pushing away your thoughts. I’m pushing away your desires. I’m pushing away your soul to never be with my soul so we’re strangers to each other starting today.”

Many readers ask us why we also provide instructions on how to break love spells. In our experience, people enjoy their relationships for not more than two years on average. Longer relationships tend to make people unhappy and they want to end it and be free. The ritual to end a relationship will help you end your relationship but stay friends with your partner, while also minimizing emotional pain, and avoiding fights and arguments.​

In the old days the following ritual was performed using dolls made of corn leaves or wheat sticks. Strings were used to make the doll look like a male or a female. Since the man is usually taller, the doll symbolizing the man was usually bigger than the one symbolizing the woman who was casting the love spell. They used embroidered fabric to make clothes for the dolls. They used colored strings to make hair for the dolls using the corresponding colors. The lips, noses and eyes were drawn with charcoal or ink.

They put so much effort into making the dolls that they ended up being energy replicas of the people they were supposed to represent. For this reason it was very easy to work with them. One of the rituals required binding the dolls together with a red string. It turned the dolls into a talisman which aroused love and protected it. Another ritual was performed using two wedding rings, one ring keeping two hands of the dolls together and the other ring keeping the other two hands of the dolls together. In this case the ritual was supposed to help the lovers get married and the marriage remained very strong until the rings were removed.

A third option was placing the female doll in the house of the man and whispering the words of love through it at night when the man was sleeping. However, this ritual has one serious disadvantage. If any of the dolls gets damaged, the spell will be broken and the couple will break up. On top of that, it doesn’t have to be some serious damage and even a barely noticeable scratch can ruin everything.

Most likely you don’t have the skills to make a high-quality doll, so buy regular ragged voodoo dolls from a professional shaman. To charge them, cut each one along the seam and put the target’s hair inside the doll representing the target and your hair inside the doll representing you. You may add some of his and your nail clippings, pieces of dead skin and any other biomaterials. Then stitch it back up. Now you can use the dolls as specified according to the ritual chosen.

Another simple and fast love spell can be cast using a hat of the man you love. You can use any hat, from a summer cap to a winter fur hat. It just should be worn by the man on a regular basis, because the spell can impact his conscious mind only if there is direct contact.

Pull a hair out of your scalp and sew it in the hat’s lining making sure the hair can’t be seen. While sewing, repeat:

“This spell is simple but fast. This spell is fast but effective. You (the man’s name) will fall in love with me (your name) and will love me until you find this hair.”

You may recast the spell up to 12 times. If it doesn’t work, contact a professional magic practitioner as it looks like professional magic services are your only chance to be with this man.

We will get into that shortly, giving you reasons why you need Maxim and others in his caliber to help you with love spells that work immediately.
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