CEO of Adore Shine Jewelry Shares her Lessons to Young Women


CEO of Adore Shine Jewelry Shares her Lessons to Young Women

Do you think that, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic and an economic downturn, this was the perfect time to sell jewelry that people could actually afford? Why are you selling jewellery in the midst of an epidemic, and why have you sold it in the midst of a pandemic?
A chain handmade in New York can often cost over $100, but we proudly sell over 50% of our products for under $20.
What would you advise your younger self in retrospect, and if you had done something different, might the situation have turned out differently? As time goes on, it becomes clear that things come and go, whether they lead from one event to another. Whether it is good or bad, everything comes into life at some point, even if it seems like something has come into your life that hurts you. It is only natural to feel things that shouldn’t happen, people you shouldn’t eject, accidents that shouldn’t happen.
People come into your life to teach you something, and things that seem horrible, painful or unfair happen for a reason.
Everything happens for a reason, and a closer look reveals what has helped you to become stronger. And for that I am grateful. Because it’s one of the most important things in my life.
Without my mistakes and failures, I would never have learned from them and would not have been able to grow out of the pain. Without my separation I would never have met someone new, so I will not address my disappointment and view it as an unfortunate event without regret.
I would rather consider it an opportunity in disguise, and only he who has a sharp brain and a spiritual mind can understand the transience of life events. So I don’t think life is unfair because everything happens for a reason, but I don’t want to have any stress.

It is better to focus on what life teaches you rather than blaming situations and people or even God for that matter any natural calamity or mishap that occurs in everyone’s life is destined and it brings out something for a purpose. Everything in life relates to how it can be nurtured in a way that the future can be bright or to understand what was good in order to protect what we have in our hands. Most of the times as people do not respect or value time and the things that they have it can be whether tangible or intangible or people, assets, love or affection before, when you lose any of these that you love the most only then you would understand how to protect the valuable ones in the future.
Also to extend value, worth and happiness it is prudent to incorporate values like forgiveness and letting go of pain and stress. Such values will add peace and it is eases out negative feelings from a person’s mind. A very true example of such values in life is: it is not important to know how much water the glass holds it is more important to understand for how long you hold the glass; it means the pain persists and increases as long as you hold the glass.

Time will tell, but to learn more about AdoreShine Jewelry, visit their website www.visit their shop, and for more information about their products, contact them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

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