Chess classes for children- How they will benefit

Should your little one enroll in chess classes online? There are tons of options promising fun and exciting chess for kids including the well-known platform Yellow Class. The fact remains that chess comes with innumerable advantages for little children, particularly if they start picking up the game from a young age. Here’s taking a closer look at how kids will benefit from their chess classes online-

  1. Enhanced Memory & Concentration- As per several studies and reports, playing chess will considerably improve visual memory of kids along with their overall attention span and abilities pertaining to spatial reasoning. This is because concentration and memory are vital attributes for succeeding at chess. Children will have to focus fully on their immediate goals of the game at hand. With children continually visualizing the pieces, moves, board and possible moves of opponents, they will naturally enhance their powers of concentration in the bargain. With growth in focus and concentration, children will find it easier to memorize earlier strategies and games.
  2. Improved Maths and Reading Capabilities- With an emphasis clearly placed on solving problems and operating throughout variables, chess for kids can go a long way towards improving mathematics skills of students. Studies also indicate that it gives a massive boost towards reading abilities. Those playing the game demonstrated higher reading and math improvement as compared to children not playing chess. This has been highlighted in several studies. Children may improve their IQ levels by playing this beautiful game. This is because thinking, reasoning, comprehending and analyzing are all skills that children naturally imbibe while playing.
  3. Logic & Creative/Critical Thinking Benefits- Chess is for true thinkers and requires children to start using logical and critical thinking abilities. Chess also improves creativity greatly as per several studies including one area which matters immensely- originality. Studies found that original thinking tendencies went up by four times in children playing this game. This happens since children start imagining all possible moves by them and their opponents, giving rise to original thought.
  4. Places importance on hard work- Feedback is instantly offered in this game. If children lose their focus, they lose their valuable pieces. They learn to study, practice and strategize. In short, they learn to work hard for gaining victories or rewards. This is one game which teaches kids the sheer value of hard work above all else.

These are some of the biggest advantages of playing chess as far as children are concerned. From improved spatial, logical/critical thinking, analysis and reasoning skills to better memory and concentration, there are abundant benefits in store for aspiring chess players. At the same time, creativity and original thinking get a massive boost as well. Hence, enrolling your little one in the right chess class may be a great move, particularly if you check out the programs offered by Yellow Class.

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