Choose These Round Glasses for a Vintage Vibe

Fashion trends usually follow a bell curve, and what is popular today might become obsolete tomorrow. But some trends make a comeback and start a life cycle all over again. One such trend is retro. From bell-bottoms to block heels, many retro styles are making the rounds on the runways and streets alike, giving rise to a new wave of vintage buy clenbuterol aesthetic in the fashion industry. Another retro style that has become popular again is round glasses. 

Round glasses feature a curved circular frame that adds a touch of softness to your features, making these glasses perfect for sharp, angular faces. Whether you’re looking for an everyday pair or one for special occasions, you’re sure to find a round eyeglass for yourself. 

If you’re wondering if round glasses will suit your face shape, here’s something you should know. Round glasses work to soften and balance out sharp angles. This means that if you have pointy features or square, triangular, or rectangular face shapes, these glasses will be perfect for you. 

Ready to find the perfect pair of round glasses for yourself? Here we bring a rundown of 5 in-trend pairs for you to choose from. 

Bring a Burst of Blue

If you like vibrant punches of colour in your outfit but can’t step out of your comfort zone in clothing, you can opt for colourful eyewear like these from Fastrack. Featuring a round frame with subtle angles, these glasses are perfect for all face shapes. The bold rim and the thick bridge make these glasses comfortable, allowing you to look stylish all day long. 

Meet Metalic Marvels

This fame features the combination of two of the biggest trends of today – metallic and round frames. Finished in a stunning pinkish gold hue, this unique pair commands attention. The large frame and thin rim make these glasses a good match for medium-sized faces.  If you’re someone who likes to experiment with their look, these round eyeglasses are perfect for you.

Black, Bold, & Beautiful

If you’re a lover of classic eyewear, this one is a good pick for you. With their simplistic design finished in an elegant colour, these eyeglasses make for an excellent way to enhance your formal looks. Built for long faces with prominent features, these glasses will bring a fresh softness to your look.  

Red Round & Rimmed

If you’re looking for geek-chic glasses, these red, round glasses are a great pick. Featuring a translucent frame in a rich ruby hue, these glasses ooze sophistication. Their elongated frame and subtle cateye silhouette make these glasses universally flattering. Opt for these glasses to welcome a vivacious vintage vibe to your look. 

Perfectly Purple

If you’re a fan of vibrant colours or are looking for an accessory to break the monotony of your looks, these purple eyeglasses are perfect for you. Featuring a semi-sheer finish and an elliptical silhouette, these glasses will make a great addition to your wardrobe. 

So these were our picks for a few of the best glasses you can go for to embrace a vintage vibe.  Round glasses are the perfect mix of style and comfort and are designed to be suitable for both day and night and can be worn to casual as well as formal events. However, one thing you must keep in mind while shopping for glasses is the brand. 

You must always go for reputable brands as they offer reliable products that are safe for your eyes. Several new-age brands like Fastrack offer a range of stylish and safe round eyeglasses, making it possible for you to choose the one that you like the most. So jump on the trend-wagon of round glasses and be retro-ready

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