Climbing Aconcagua is something mystical


Climbing Aconcagua is something mystical

I often asked me How to climb Aconcagua, and he never encouraged me to start the expedition. Thanks to our Aconcagua mountain guides and their excellent team, we reached the top of Cerro Bonete first and then we were successful in our Aconcagua Expedition. They are all beautiful people who gave us an unforgettable, excellent and safe experience. We also did the walk to the Plaza Francia viewpoint, beautiful, cultural and full of incredible moments. Our team carried out all the planning and logistics for our trip to Argentina, which has been the best trip we have ever made. In the summer of 2017, I returned to Aconcagua for the third consecutive year. According to our guide. after having made a trek to Plaza de Mulas and the expedition along the two-sided route. We decided to try the normal route after a failed attempt due to snow in 2016.

I acclimatized for 3 days before starting the expedition in Penitentes as always; there were no problems. We are used to it by now. After arriving at Confluencia, we met Pedro, a guide capable of taking you along any normal route but also embarking on challenges that, I quote, “take him out of the routine.” After an ascent to Aconcagua in winter conditions, which would have made many guides retreat, we reached the summit before noon, although we had planned it after 1:00 p.m. Once again, the change was smooth, and everyone adapted to the conditions. Due to my physical conditions and my fitness, we decided to try and go down from the summit to the condor nest, and I had the joy of leaving this face at more than 6000m, which is to this day one of my best climbing memories. As usual, I can only greet the efficiency of all the staff and the guides mainly. Their adaptability to the conditions and the state of form of the moment, and above all the possibility of launching for any adventure, from the normal route to the Polish variant direct. Thanks again, and one thing is for sure: “I’ll be back.” As always, a great experience touring the mountains! The Trek to Plaza Francia has some of the best views we have enjoyed, eight days of the route and a summit achieved thanks to everyone’s support and professionalism. We are happy to have chosen Mendoza as our destination. This route is highly recommended! We are thinking about what our next summit will be.

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