Comparing San Antonio pest control companies:

As a Home owner, It can be frightening to see the first sign of pest infestation. You may find droppings, urine, scratch marks on drywalls, or even damage to furniture and wooden structures, caused by pests, insects, and rodents.  Your first response should be about calling a reliable exterminator, and there are quite a few in San Antonio. Comparing the options may feel overwhelming.

Are You licensed And Insured ? Do You Have In House Team?

These are tow questions in one. Every Termite Inspection San Antonio pest control company must be licensed and should have the necessry permissions to work in the residential sector. Secondly, they need to have liability insurance. Their exterminators and workers should be on the payroll and must be trained for the job. Also, do check if the people working at your home have worker’s compensation coverage.

Are your methods and products afe for pets and kids?

Contemporary pest control techniques and methods are meant to be safe for people, but you have to be a tad more cautious when it comes to kids and pets. Ensure that the pest control work wouldn’t compromise on the safety & health of other animals. Also, given that pesticides and chemicals often have a harsh impact on the environment, you can try to know that too.

Do you offer seasonal and preventive pest control services?

 While most exterminators do offer some assurance on the work they do, it is important to understand that pest control is not a one time job. In other words, pests can infest your home, unless you take some preventive action. Ask the pest control company if they can offer yearly contracts so that there is no need for remediation in the first place.

Don’t assume that a pest control service would be fair with the final price. Get an estimate in advance, so that you are aware of the actual costs, inclusions, and job warranties applicable. The estimate should be ideally offered after their inspectors and entomologists have checked your problem and determined the extent of the damage.

Finally, do check the response time. A good exterminator in San Antonio will ensure that clients get assistance in time and the problem is tackled immediately, to avoid further hassles and health concerns. Shortlist a few services now to get started.

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