Cricket, or how India is fighting for sports independence

Who do you think they are? Well, yes, the title says “Cricket”, the photo was taken at the stadium, but what are these people and who can they be?

And these people are a group of commentators for the 2021 Indian Premier League – the professional cricket league in India.

If you click on the link and read the history of the league, you will find out that it was created with money from Indian sponsors and is not recognized by the International Cricket Council – the global regulator of the game in the world, overseeing the professional cricket league in India

The organization “International Cricket Council” was created on June 15, 1909, under the name of the Imperial Cricket Conference, in 1965 it took the name of the International Cricket Conference, and finally, in 1989, the transition to the current format and name took place. … The founders of the organization were representatives of England, Australia, and South Africa.

As you can see, India is not here, India at the time of the founding of the organization was an English colony, where, unlike South Africa, it was not white Sahibs who were in power, but local Indian natives, therefore, no supremacy and even equal participation in any international organizations of India were laid did not have.

And cricket in India is the most popular, if not the national sport, although it is a legacy of the colonization period. You can bet on cricket

In 2008, the Cricket Control Board of India created its own cricket league. Anglo-Saxon competitors did not succeed in destroying this organization in the bud, too much money was spent on its creation. The one who pays orders the tune, the International Cricket Council has failed to outbid and overpay anything.

The League has been joined by international participants and is now a very successful sporting event generating huge revenue

This is how the list of commentators looks interesting – with division into English and Indian separately from each other.
Until now, the “national” look of commentators has been achieved by wearing Westernized versions of Indian clothing, such as
And now their “national identity” has grown to a completely ethnic-national dress of Rajasthan called kurta, and the photos immediately scattered across the Internet, spread on the meme and made a real sensation, primarily among the Indians, of course.
Why the clothes of Rajasthan? Because the League originated there and was promoted by one of the most influential families in India by the name of Modi (with the same name as the current Prime Minister).

This is how it turns out to be. If there is money, interest/desire, and support of the public/population, then you can spit on any globalist regulators and create your own national sport, independent of any Anglo-Saxons.
By the way, I never met the word WADA there at all and for some reason was not at all surprised.

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