Different industries Cryptocurrency stability would affect

There have been different mediums of transactions and currencies since the beginning of time in order to aid trade. These forms of currencies only get better and better with time. Different industries are finding block chain to an attractive option compared to other regular alternatives of getting transactions and work done. Among the most common crypto currency option is bitcoin which has been steadily growing for over a decade now. Today, you will learn the different industries which are being impacted by the increased preference for block chains in businesses today. And all this has led to the popularity of platforms like bitcoin revolution app.

Banking industry

Banks have been clear about their fee charged on local transactions in case you want to send money to someone. The fee varies from one banking institution to the other and it gets progressively higher should you be eyeing international transactions. Using banks to do your transactions and payment can be both expensive and time consuming considering the regular trips you are to make to the institution every time you have a transaction to make. Block chain offers users peer to peer payment options which not only cost you less in terms of fees charged but are also secure. Eliminating third parties in your transactions for instance the banks can make payments among other transactions relatively cheaper on your end.

Cyber security

There are increased online frauds today with various banking systems both online and offline. Many people have suffered from stolen funds online without any hope of tracing especially those who purely rely on banking institutions for their transactions. By eliminating third parties which are financial institutions, you start enjoying peer to peer transactions which are crypto encrypted on the block chain ledger preventing any alterations to the details saved. There is therefore high security emphasized by block chains today while ensuring that none of the recorded transaction details have any of your personal details except your wallet ID.

Supply chain management

Block chain ledgers are among the most reliable and transparent systems there can be today. Finding out any information concerning past transactions is easy because all bitcoin transactions are permanent and verifiable. With this kind of payment in the system, you can trace the different payments that lead up to the final payment especially if the payments are shared by a number of people. You can for instance trace the payments from the one made for the raw materials, manufacturing, distribution and then the store where the purchase was made. It is a reliable strategy to encourage transparency in all dealing and besides makes accountability easier considering all bitcoin transactions will safely be saved in the ledger forever.


Your health is of utmost concern and that emphasizes the reasons why your patient records and details ought to be kept private. The local health institutions are failing terribly at this by centralizing stored information, thus making the access even easier. Hackers can then access the data and even corrupt it in the process. Accessing the files stored manually can besides be tough especially when there are a lot of files to be assessed. Block chain technology comes in handy to reduce chances of information manipulation by increased security for every block chain nodes connected to each other. The technology can besides assist you in identifying fake medication being sold in the industry; you should only trace the medicine source through the payments recorded on the block chain records. Payments become easier, patients records are kept safer and you can enjoy even faster access to personal details in case they are needed by another institution.


Block chains have already proven to be secure and reliable, most governments can benefit from the same when looking for apt voting solutions. Traditional voting systems are outdated and mist countries find themselves suffering from the same due to the corruption of local authorities when counting. With block chain technology used for voters, users can only vote once and the records are stored in the block chain not susceptible to any form of alterations. Tax rates can also be reduced through induction of block chain technology into government systems. Frauds are eliminated while tax collection becomes easier. The best part about it is how easy doing audits can be keeping in mind all transactions are permanently stored in the system.

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