Do celebrities buy Instagram likes?


Instagram is a huge black hole, a place where the line of reality is a bit blurred. There are two types of people who use Instagram: the influencers and the influenced. The influencers are those who show there followers there fun and exciting life style whereas the influenced are those who see these influencers and aspire to have a similar lifestyle. Now, as many people know that there is a lot that you can fake on Instagram likes – your identity, your face, a vacation, your relationships, your lifestyle and even your personality – so what stops one from faking the follower count?

Whatever the case maybe, we do understand the temptation of increasing follower. Most users who look into buying fake followers are those who are starting an Instagram account from scratch and are looking to make a good first impression. Or maybe you are trying to land yourself a billion dollar deal that brand offer these days to IG influencers.  Numbers matter, they always did but now it is the social media numbers that matter.

Why do people buy Instagram followers?

Do you stream videos on YouTube? Well, what do you think when you click a certain video to watch? You increase the view count on that video and when you subscribe to a certain channel on YouTube you add to the growth of the channel. Did you ever wonder why most youngsters aspire to become successful YouTubers? For starters it pays well and secondly because you are your own boss. To become a successful YouTuber ( a YouTuber which gets paid ) one needs to first fulfil a few criteria’s the most important of which is to get a minimum of 1000 followers to get the channel eligible for monetization. So, you see all social media platforms revolve around numbers. With YouTube it is the number of subscribers, with Instagram it is the number of instagram followers. To be a successful social media influencer you need to have the audience, some get these audience through years of consistency and hard work whereas some opt for the shortcut which is buying fake followers.

So, you see numbers are important and can easily affect a person’s social media presence in an instance which is buy some people are tempted to buy fake followers.

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Buying fake followers isn’t entirely safe. For starters if by chance you do get a legit deal there is always a chance of being detected by Instagram algorithms that are consistently optimized to detect such fowl plays. There are majorly two problems you can face with buying fake followers, let us discuss these in detail below.

  • Getting scammed

When you search online for sites through which you can get fake followers for your Instagram channel there are hundreds of options that pop up. However, only a handful of these sites will be legit or will deliver one’s money’s worth. When looking online it is crucial to look for a legit site, one which has online reviews and working helpline contacts. It is always best to look at referred sites, sites that can be vouched for by friends or by other Instagram acquaintances. There have been numerous instances where people have been scammed of their money on fake sites that allegedly offer such delas.

When buying online followers, it is important to make sure of a few things:

  • Make sure you check the site thoroughly before making any form of payments
  • Do not enter your card information randomly on any site
  • Always pay via online payments; this way if you do fall into a scam, you have substantial evidence to start a complaint.
  • Always look for reviews at the sites you are surfing. Legit sites always post customer reviews to prove their legitimacy.
  • Look for trials. Most trustable sites always offer their clients a trial package to get them started.
  • It is always best to consult an expert. Call the numbers listed on the website to talk directly to the helpline, ask them about the refund policies of the company.
  • Lastly make sure you look at several different sites to get a clear idea about the price and offers so that when making the deal you know the exact worth of the package bought.
  • Being suspended

Instagram actively discourages its users about the use of fake followers. Instagram has complete right to not only purge the fake followers but also suspend the account related to such practises. Buying fake followers always has a risk of inspection. Over the years Instagram has changed their algorithms for the better detection of such dodgy practises. Plus, if you are aiming to improve the credibility of your account, getting suspended will do no good.

Is buying fake followers worth the money spent?

The chances of getting your money’s worth are not guaranteed that is unless you associate with a legit site. The problem with buying fake views is the lack of credible sites. The internet is a vast place filled with uncountable scams; it is very easy to fall into such traps especially if you are looking for unfair means. But with proper research one can find a good number of credible sites which do deliver your money’s worth.

What sites are credible?

How to know which sites are legit? First look at the policies of the site, look of helpline numbers and refund policies. The difference between a bad investment and good investment is the returns.

With legit sites you get real followers, followers that not only add to your follower count but also actively interact with your posts such as posting instagram views, comments, likes and so much more.

Fake sites give bot followers which only last a few days or months at most. Usually, these bot accounts are easily detected by Instagram algorithms and removed instantly.

The benefits of fake followers?

Fake followers get a bad reputation due to the many scams associated with it but one cannot deny that fake followers do give a certain edge to the growth of the account. To grow on social media sites, one needs to prove their credibility and the easiest way to prove one’s credibility is by amassing huge number of followers. A high followers base is direct testimony to the legitimacy of the site in question.

Buying fake followers also pave the way to getting real followers. When users see a site with huge following, they are instantly assured of the credibility of the account making it easier for them to trust the content posted.

Do celebrities buy fake followers?

As of right now the largest following base on Instagram is held by Instagram itself. With a total of 408 million followers Instagram’s official account is the largest followed account but if you are wondering about an actual human then the title goes to Cristiano Ronaldo with a total of 327 million followers. But as you know Cristiano Ronaldo is a famous footballer and naturally has a huge fanbase making it irrelevant for him to buy fake followers. Fake followers benefit those who do not have a natural follower base whereas Instagram celebrities already have their respective fan bases making it moot for them to buy fake followers. however, there are some celebrities who do buy fake followers to either increase their follower count or to break a record or two.

Where does one buy fake followers?

Simply type “buy fake followers” on Goggle or any other search engine and press enter. The search result will pop up with lots of links and websites that offer such services. The next step is to look for a suitable site and select a benefiting package. Lastly simply select a payment method and enter the information required.

In conclusion

Buying fake followers does have a good number of benefits but the repercussions are also great. The trick is to buy real followers instead of getting bot followers. the goal is to not only increase the follow count but also assist in the further growth of the account. However make sure you do the complete research ion the topic and website before making any payments also read the guidelines and policies of the site you decide on.

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