Do you need a free online screen recorder? Use IObit Screen Recorder! 

IObit Screen Recorder is a free online screen recorder that is easy to use even for those with no experience. This screen recorder offers great flexibility such as recording the screen in a selected area and recording audio in multiple modes (speaker, microphone, etc.). This tool is needed by young people who are familiar with webinars, presentations, conferences, to recording gameplay.

Not only recording, this tool can also edit recordings with various effects, such as mouse click effects (with a displayed cursor image), animations, and so on. Even though it’s free, you don’t have to worry about watermarks, time limits, and various other limitations that you usually encounter in other similar tools. You can also easily take screenshots while recording is in progress.

IObit Screen Recorder is increasingly popular, widely used by all groups, especially young academics. They need tools that don’t cost a lot of money but are still powerful when operated. They also need a recording device without restrictions. All of this they can find on IObit Screen Recorder. 

What about the recording format?

You can easily choose the one you like best. IObit Screen Recorder offers a wide variety of popular formats such as MP4, GIV, MOV, AVI, and many more.

You might think that this is a lightweight screen recorder for beginners so it isn’t powered by any pretty advanced technology. In fact, this screen recorder is powered by GPU hardware acceleration technology which ensures video editing can be performed stably and efficiently. With this screen recorder, you can also easily share to various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and of course YouTube!

Here are some of features provided by IObit Screen Recorder:

Record screen with audio

You can record the screen with audio. You can record various audio sources such as background sound, microphone on your headset, etc. This is the ultimate recorder that records not only the screen but also audio.

Selects an area of ​​the screen to record

You don’t have to record the entire screen. You can record the whole or only part of the screen. With IObit Screen Recorder you can record as needed.

Compatibility with a wide variety of formats

As explained above, IObit Screen Recorder is compatible with popular formats. It’s even compatible with other major devices like the iPhone or an old MP4 player.

Ability to take screenshots while recording

Repeating what has explained above, this tool can also take screenshots easily. The recording process does not hinder taking screenshots.


Not only does it function as a recorder, it’s also a pretty complete video editor. It’s like using a professional paid video editor!

Additional info:

This recorder is safe and available for Windows. Data security is guaranteed by IObit Screen Recorder. Not only that, IObit Screen Recorder also provides a dedicated team to ensure there are no problems related to malware. This recorder is free with built-in audio features. For anyone who wants to record the screen and then edit it immediately, IObit Screen Recorder is the best solution. Hopefully this article can be useful for you.