Does Web Hosting Matters to Your Website SEO?

Online marketplace is growing tremendously especially in recent years. With delivery services that are getting refined and improved, the demand for online shopping is ever-growing. In the world of the Internet, people can find any information on the web and any solutions to their problems through Google. Smart businessmen know how important it is to have their website to rank on top of the Google search results. From 2021, it will be all about SEO. If your website does not rank on Google page, you are losing tons of potential clients and business opportunities. 

Here, we will see why it is important to choose the best web hosting company 2021 or a good web hosting plan for your website.

  • Web Hosting Affects Your Website Loading Speed

A good web host would help your website to load faster, and reduce the loading time needed. Many web hosting companies in the market provide web hosting services, however, not all of them are leasing a quality web host server. 

Extra notes should be taken here and a tip for you – avoid using web hosting from GoDaddy! Godaddy is known to be cheap but they have terrible web hosting speed. There are many other better alternatives for Godaddy. These web hosting companies such as Exabytes are really doing a good job with fair pricing.

Exabytes being the largest Southeast Asia’s leading cloud hosting provider, are using the latest caching technologies and Ultrafast LiteSpeed server that is great in handling high volume of traffic. 

Their business web hosting plan is one of the tops in the market, with excellent quality and good pricing. I have been using Exabytes business web hosting for my small business for 3 years and it never causes me any problem!

  • Fast Loading Speed = More Web Views

Always remember, a short loading time of a website means more user views. You would not want to upset your customers with terrible loading speed. Research shows that the optimal loading time for a website would be 0-3s, for e-commerce websites, less than 3s. Anything longer above 3s, visitors tend to switch to other options. It will lead to a high bounce rate which is going to greatly impact your website ranking on search results.

Imagine having to spend 3s everytime you click on a product when shopping on an E-commerce site, would you still continue to surf around? The answer is definitely no! It affects the customer experience and negatively impacts your branding. Moreover, a website with high load time will get a high bounce rate that affects directly on its search engine rankings. The slump in a website’s SEO results in a lower conversion rate.

Registering a domain name is the first step, but picking a good web hosting is equally important. 

  • Better Google Ranking

Does web hosting really matter to my website SEO? Yes, of course web hosting matters! In May 2020, Google had announced that page experience signals including core web vitals (Website Loading Time, Interactivity, Visual Stability) would be included in Google Search ranking.

In other words, Google takes your website loading speed as a major ranking factor on search results. Websites that are running smoothly and respond in instance are more likely to rank better. And this would only be possible if you are using the right web hosting service.

  • Bad Hosting Cause Website downtimes

What can be worse than a slow website? It’s the website that won’t load!

The downtime of your website is most of the time, caused by your hosting. It can be an overloaded server problem, failure of hardware, security issues and many things else. If your website downloads last for long, it is possible that Google may take down your website from the search results.

Final Words

If you host a website on a bad host, this can be a disaster to your business. It can cause a sudden website crash, great loading time and much more problems than what you can expect. 

Pick your web hosting carefully and look for quality web hosting providers. You shall also look into what they offer in their web hosting plan. SSD storage and its speed, servers speed, website security, backup availability, user-friendly interface, etc. 

For businesses, avoid shared hosting and go for a better hosting option. 

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