DOs and DON’Ts of Frontal lace wigs

Frontal lace wigs are ruling the wig segment due to their versatility. If used properly, they blend so smoothly with the natural hairline that they become almost undetectable. The lace in front provides breathability and does not feel like a burden on the head. But certain factors should be kept in mind to get the best out of your frontal lace wigs and prolong their lives.

Here we present to you the DOs and DON’Ts list of frontal lace wigs.

DOs of Frontal lace wigs

  • Do make sure that the lace front blends smoothly with your forehead. Choose the lace option according to your skin tone.
  • Do learn the difference between synthetic and human hair wigs. Natural human hair brings much more versatility to your hairstyle. On the other hand, synthetic wigs are less customizable.
  • Do choose the lace front wig that perfectly complements your face. Choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape can amplify your own temperament and make you look more attractive. If you want to look more professional, I recommend frontal lace bob wigs. Bob wigs are without a doubt one of the most professional hairstyles. Bob wigs are very supple. Bob style add-in ends will make people think you have power inside.
  • If you have a diamond-shaped face and look smaller than the average person, then I suggest you choose short human hair wigs. A fluffy short human hair wigs will complement your face shape and make you look cute and vibrant.
  • If you have a rounder face and look bigger than normal then I would suggest you not to choose short human hair wigs. Instead, a long body wavy human hair frontal lace wigs will make you look very graceful and gorgeous .
  • The matching of face shape and frontal lace wigs is very important. For this, try to wear wigs before choosing one and get the expert’s advice too. It will give you the freedom to style your hair any way without compromising your natural look.
  • Do make sure to buy the lace front wig per your head size. Too tight wigs can damage your scalp and hair, whereas too loose wigs can give the sensation of slipping.
  • Do buy a high-quality lace front wig. It is recommended to have a full wig made from natural human hair, but if that seems a bit expensive, make sure to have at least the lace front part made of natural hair to have a natural-looking hairline.
  • Do personalize your wig according to the hairstyle you want. Curl, straighten, or style however while wearing it on your head. It will help shape the wig according to your head’s contours giving you control over your hairstyle.
  • Curly wigs are suitable for women of any age. A curly and fluffy frontal lace curly wig is perfect for your daily life.
  • Straight hair is the most worry-free hairstyle. You don’t have to spend a lot of time using a curling iron to make your big curly hair look gorgeous before heading out. You also don’t have to use oil and elastin to make your small curly hair look shiny. The only thing you have to do is comb it and add some conditioner as you wash it
  • Do take care of your wig as your natural hair. Comb it regularly and use shampoo and conditioner for washing it. Brush it at least 2-3 times a day to help remove the tangles.
  • Do handle your wig gently and store it on a wig stand at night to help keep its shape.
  • Do air dry your lace front wig and use the products specifically made for these wigs. It is important to note that a high-temperature hair dryer should not be used when drying frontal lace wigs. My personal opinion is that you should place frontal lace wigs in a ventilated and cool place to air dry. It is best to avoid using a hair dryer to air dry. If you must use a hair dryer to dry, I recommend slow drying with low speed cold air.

DON’Ts of Frontal lace wigs

  • Don’t wear the wig straight out of the box. As it is packaged and pressed in the box, it cannot maintain its standard shape. Gently brush it while hanging it on the wig stand and let the hair fall into place.
  • Don’t put on the glue or any adhesive material if you are a beginner. Go to your salon, leave it to the professionals and let them place it on your head.
  • Don’t sleep while wearing your lace front wig, as friction caused by pillow rubbing can cause more tangles and easy shedding. It is often recommended to remove it every night or once a couple of days to help your scalp breathe.
  • Don’t wash it too often, as washing can decrease the hair shine and also lessens the life of your lace front wig. Same way, don’t take a shower while wearing the wig as it will disrupt the shape of the wig.
  • Don’t rub or twist the wig while washing or installing it. Whether synthetic wigs or human hair wigs, excessive friction and twisting can damage them. In particular, synthetic wig, as a chemical product, cannot be restored to its original shape after being twisted. Human hair frontal lace wigs with cuticles are more resistant to twisting and friction, but still require gentle treatment for a longer lifespan.
  • Don’t brush or comb your wig when it is damp. Moisture tends to make frontal lace wigs more frictional. In other words, wet wigs are more prone to knots when combing. I recommend that you use a dry comb to gently comb after it has air-dried in the cold air.
  • Don’t use blow dryers and heat styling tools more often. Same way, don’t leave it in direct sunlight.

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