Electric motor and electric power in an electric mountain bike

The motor power of electric mountain bikes is measured in KW. And the higher the power, the greater the strength to climb the hills and slopes. But as we have just said, the Spanish regulations state that if the motor power exceeds 250 KW, it is not considered an electric bicycle. Normally, the models are adapted to the regulations and do not exceed this number.

Mountain electric bike motor location

In electric mountain bikes, there are two types of motors: HUB and central. The power plant is the most powerful and most common in models designed for the mountain. It is located between the two pedals of the bicycle. Therefore, it distributes the same power to the rear wheel as to the front wheel. For its part, the HUB is the motor that is located in the center of one of the two wheels, sometimes at the front, sometimes at the rear.


There are mountain electric bike that are real beasts and manage to exceed 80 km/h with a range of 50 kilometers and sometimes up to 100. This is what you will find in electric mountain bikes, the motors of all powers and autonomy for all tastes. But be careful, if you want to use the bike in the city or in a more versatile way, you cannot exceed 25 km/h and the motor must not have more than 250 KW. That’s what the law says.


All models are equipped with a small screen integrated into the useful handlebar. It tells us the speed we are carrying, the percentage of battery we have left, and other data such as the altitude you are raising, etc…

Cheap Electric Mountain Bikes Vs Expensive Electric Bikes

Among the electric bikes, the most expensive are mountain bikes. Why? They have better performance: more powerful motor and more battery. But in the off-road range, we have models that are more expensive than the others. Prices are usually between 1,000 euros and more. As we’ve said before, you shouldn’t worry so much about the price as about the performance you need. If you want a versatile mountain bike, we recommend a more economical model, with a more modest engine and common tires. Obviously, if you think about how much you’ll save when you commute with one of these bikes, in the background are cheap. They don’t need insurance, license, or gas, three essential things to use a motorcycle.

Where can I buy an electric mountain bike?

The best option for buying an electric mountain bike is Amazon. On the store’s website, you will find an infinity of models. In addition, as always, you will be guaranteed fast deliveries and good treatment in the package.

How to turn a regular bicycle into an electric bicycle?

To walk through the process step by step, you need to read a detailed manual. But the truth is that it is possible to adjust your bike to an electric bike. You just need to be patient and have some mechanical skills. In fact, the process you need to follow is to connect the motor to the best electric bike and connect it to the battery. With some YouTube videos and some consultation manuals, you can do that without too much complexity. However, you need to check the motor output (must be less than 250 KW). It also needs to be certified as an electric bike.

How to use an electric mountain bike?

The process is relatively simple, as you can accomplish almost everything if you know how to ride a bike. Some questions arise about pedals and motors. Electric bicycles have an assist pedaling system. What this does is that you are virtually free to pedal. Certainly, when it comes to climbing hills, you can give more power than climbing faster with the help of people with assistance. As soon as you spin one of these bikes a bit, you’ll find that it’s very simple, and assist pedaling is a real wonder that makes you think “I’m going around the world.

Legislation and precautions

The most important thing you need to know is summarized in five points:

  • Electric mountain bikes must be homologated. If you buy them on the Spanish Amazon or on a page that guarantees you have passed European controls, you will not have any problems with this. 
  • Wearing a helmet is not compulsory in urban areas – although it is recommended – it is compulsory on conventional or interurban roads.
  • The motor of electric mountain bikes cannot be more than 250 KW and the bike cannot weigh more than 40 kilos. On urban roads, on roads and sidewalks, you cannot drive at more than 20 km/h, on one-way urban roads, the speed will be 30 km/h and 50 km/h on crossings, interurban routes, and conventional routes.

You don’t need a driving license and insurance is optional, although in the future the EU is considering the possibility of introducing compulsory insurance for e-bike users. Although it may depend on the regulations of each municipality.

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