Everything You Ever Need To Know About Wildcard SSL

The basic idea behind a wildcard SSL is that it protects all subdomains of the same domain from unauthorized access.

Why is wildcard SSL suitable for so many domains?

A wildcard SSL is one of the most powerful types of SSL certificate. If you have an organisation with multiple subdomains (such as www.website.com and support.website.com), then a single wildcard SSL will cover both of those without you having to purchase two separate certificates.

If you have multiple subdomains, this is the SSL certificate for you, as it allows for unlimited.This is a type of SSL that defines the cert to match multiple subdomains on a server. If you use a wildcard SSL, you can have your HTTPS version apply to different subdomains without having to purchase individual SSL certificates for each of them. This saves you time and money.

What is the difference between an SSL certificate and a Wildcard SSL certificate?

The difference between an SSL certificate and a Wildcard SSL certificate is that the Wildcard SSL certificate allows you to use one domain and IP address instead of multiple domains and IP addresses. This makes it easier to manage your web site traffic. In addition, a wildcard SSL certificate can work with multiple websites.

A wildcard certificate is used by its owner to authorize access to any host that matches the hostname or IP address of the server, while an SSL certificate is used to secure online transactions between the buyer and seller. In order to protect your personal information while conducting online business, Wildcard SSL certificates recognize all subdomains within a single hostname or IP address as well.

Wildcard SSL certificates are used to allow the user to access resources on a specific server by allowing the domain name and not just the IP address of the server. The wildcard SSL certificate provides a level of security that is close to an SSL certificate but allows users access to resources regardless of the server they are accessing.

Why should one get a Wildcard SSL?

A Wildcard SSL is a valid choice for your website if it’s more cost-effective and better suited to meet your business needs. The best way to determine the correct solution is to obtain a quote from an optimal Wildcard SSL provider. This is a solution when you need to secure multiple websites, departments or even different countries.

Having wildcard SSLs ensure your visitors’ security, by protecting them against attacks and data interception. This will reduce the risk of your website being down during critical periods such as business hours.

When you have a wildcard SSL certificate, your application can be distributed in front of millions of people. Wildcard certificates are currently 300% more common than standard certificates. Since they use the web’s strongest security protocols to protect your site, they can also be used to secure any application that utilizes a publicly accessible network.