Famous logos displaying the colors of the U.S. Flag


Famous logos displaying the colors of the U.S. Flag

Color has a profound effect on our emotions and behavior. This is why it plays an important role in the design of a logo that succeeds. For years, experts in color psychology have studied how color affects emotions and behavior. Researchers have discovered that certain colors can affect our reactions to gender, culture, and personal preferences.

Red, blue, white are the most common colors used for visual identity branding. The emblems of companies representing completely different economic sectors use the U.S. flag palette.

Before we get into the meanings of these colors in logos let’s first remember how they are described in the contexts of the U.S. Flag. Red represents courage and endurance, while dark blue is for justice, diligence, vigilance and vigilance. White, on the other hand, stands for innocence and purity.

The flag of the United States is distinctive because it has a blue color that is darker than other flags. It is easy to choose the Navy Blue color because the flag was faded quickly in the 18th century due to the absence of persistent dyes. The Navy’s color lasted for longer. The red is also a bit darker because of the same reason.

A large number of businesses and government agencies around the globe use the red, blue and white color palette. Take the logo of the DepEd in the Philippines. What other meanings can these colors have?


Red is one of the primary colors. It is associated with passion, love, confidence and excitement. Red can also be seen as a dark color, which can be associated with danger and aggression. Red is the most intense color. Its intense energy can have a powerful influence on our psycho-emotional status (scientists have discovered that red even causes hunger). Red color has the main effect of inducing people to take action. It is not clear if that action will be positive or aggressive. The hue will determine the type of reaction in most cases.


Blue is the color of the sky and ocean. It promotes calmness and peace. It is associated with intelligence and reliability as well as stability. Blue can be associated with many feelings and concepts, including sky, water depth, freedom, and sky. Despite differences in perceptions, people can agree on one thing: they love the color blue. Blue is a popular color in logo design. Blue is also a popular color for technology and innovation companies.


White is often associated with purity, innocence and cleanliness in design. However, it can also be cold, sterile or soft. White’s meaning is more complex and deeper than other colors. It is symbolic of spirituality, the intangible universe, the light and consciousness, as well as higher powers. White represents freedom and the dawn of the new. It seeks justice and is impartial, while remaining neutral. Because it includes all colors equally, white is both everything and nothing.

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