Finding the best rates of surrogacy

Surrogacy and egg donation are truly modern technologies and no such technologies were found in the olden days. Moreover, these advanced technologies have made things easier for the couple who cannot have their baby due to numerous reasons. Apart from that, those who are diagnosed with infertility, either men or women can now easily treat this issue and they can have their child and enjoy the rest of their life with them.

Even more, if a woman cannot bear the child she can now definitely opt for this service from any country where surrogacy is legal and there is complete support regarding the procedure for the couple. Also, if the female’s eggs are not capable of fertilizing, even then this modern reproduction technology has made things easier for them. An embryo is obtained through egg donation. Isn’t it unbelievable? Thus leihmutter finden is not a difficult task these days.

Moreover, in today’s world, several clinics offer these services on every ground. Besides that, it is also not easy to find clinics that offer cheap rates along with providing superior quality services to couples. Additionally, even more, the guy has to do a lot of research to find the best clinic for surrogacy. In addition to this, this is a very difficult task because they also need to get a guarantee from the clinic about the success of the procedure.

Tricks used by reproductive clinics

Numerous clinics hide a lot of payments from the package and upon revealing, the true costs come around. Moreover, the trick they use is that they show a very attractive price to the couples for a particular package and when the couple has a detailed meeting with the staff, the additional cost that was hidden previously comes around.

Surrogacy rates in European countries

Surrogacy is only cheaper in Ukraine. However, the couples have to pay a hefty amount if they opt for surrogacy from European countries.

Apart from that, there are still many countries where surrogacy is not allowed and the names of those countries are as under:

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • France

Also, there are some countries where surrogacy is allowed to a great extent. Apart from that, the names of the countries where surrogacy is allowed are as under:

  • Ukraine
  • Georgia
  • Poland
  • Russia

Also, surrogacy in the above-mentioned countries is allowed on an official level and you can avail of surrogacy services from these countries whenever you want.

Apart from that, there are other European countries where there are certain restrictions and not permitted by the law. Besides that, the prices for surrogacy are different in different countries due to the terms and conditions of those countries.

The price list of surrogacy in different countries is as under:

1. Great Britain

There are certain restrictions in the country that you cannot avail of surrogacy services in Great Britain on a commercial basis. Moreover, the surrogate mother is given certain costs as compensation for bearing the child. Additionally, the amount given to the surrogate mother is £12,000 to £15,000.

2. Denmark

If you want to hire a surrogate mother from Denmark then of course it will cost you a hefty amount as surrogacy in Denmark is quite expensive. Furthermore, you will have to bear the cost of $50,000 if you use your eggs but if you hire an egg donor then these charges will increase to $60,000. Aside from that, these charges exclude the legal fees and still, there is no guarantee if you are getting the best service or will get the desired results.

3. Holland/Netherlands

Another country offering surrogacy services in holland/ Netherlands. In addition to this, publicity, promotion, and advertisement are not allowed in Holland/Netherlands. Aside from that, surrogacy costs around $54,000 but without any guarantee.

However, the surrogate mothers in these countries are those who have just migrated from other countries and cannot afford the necessities of life. Aside from that, those women who do not have any skills opt for this profession and bear children from other couples.

4. Greece

Greece is a cheaper country when it comes to surrogacy. Moreover, surrogacy in Greece costs couples around $20,000 but the legislation does not allow reproductive technologies to happen in the country.

Even more, this shatters the confidence of the intended parents and they have no guarantee if the procedure will turn out to be successful or not. Couples that want to have a children, understand that surrogate service has high prices and is mostly forbidden (see more in article “Leihmutter in Europa”). 


Besides that, some clinics trick innocent couples by not disclosing their true intentions. They hide a lot of things from the couples and this way they charge a hefty amount from them and provide insufficient services and make them fool.

Aside from that, those who are informative enough can easily escape from such traps and opt for the best possible surrogacy services from top-notch clinics.

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