For Instant Water Supply Wet Riser Is Best

The wet riser is a flexible system of supply water for firefighters. This riser is used as a central vertical shaft. The wet riser can be located 100mm in diameter from the central location. And this may be found as external service from the inside building. A firefighter uses it for their instant service. In the wet riser service, landing valves from every floor and the air bleed valve is installed at the top point from the mainline for proper flow. The wet riser needs to install the parallel system.

The dominance of wet riser

  • There is no need to make the own pumping system for the firefighter.
  • The wet riser has the ability to adequate proper water flow.
  • For the unique valve system, the damp riser has the ability to immediate water flow.
  • Useful for the stairways protection.
  • The wet riser can open access from the landing valve.
  • For instant service, you can make the easy system of your home sealing.
  • You can set the function with digital technology for instant benefits.

Proper maintenance is useful.

Generally, dry riser and wet riser install during the building construction for firefighting purposes. You can get large quantities of water, and damp riser is the system of it. It helps to prevent fire accidents. But for smooth service, dry riser and wet riser both need proper maintenance. We know that a dry riser is a system that can be charged for an external water service system. But in the wet riser is pipework, and this is the permanent change system from the pump source.

For the excellent service, every riser needs two visual inspections in every one year. There can be a sustainable leakage, which may cause failure to give service properly. This types of damage need to checkup and a visual inspection. At the time of servicing, you may find cracks in the pipe of the machine system. The annual pressure test is also essential after servicing. If you take the servicing step, you’ll never fall into the problem during the final operation with the wet riser. Perfect water flow is necessary to remove the fire, and flow checking is also required. This type of check is essential for the official operation. But many people install dry risers in their homes. For the home dry riser, one checkup every year is enough, and for this one servicing with all kinds of checkups and proper flow.

How wet riser work

Wet risers are generally fitted in the tall building for excessive water pressure requirement. A damp riser system distributes water in multiple ways from one supply—a wet riser designed at the way that is very helpful to make the maintenance for next use. The wet riser has a vertical pipe similar to a dry riser. Wet riser water supply from the tank of water, and this is the straightforward process—one automatic pump. One duty and one standby supply is the central system of a wet riser. In the water tank, there is fitted an automated warning system for indicating low water level. At the protected incident, the wet riser supply water from the main tank. Wet riser can supply 1500 liter water per minute, and it can provide along with 45 minutes.

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