Four cocktails for Tony Stark


Iron Man is one of the most successful Marvel movies. No wonder its main character Tony Stark is being torn apart and analyzed by every scene in the film. A particularly popular topic for discussion is the alcohol addiction of the superhero and the effects that it has on his daily life.

It all started with the comics, which tried to avoid mentioning alcohol in the 70s and 80s. However, the newest movies have shown that Tony’s alcohol addiction is still present. In multiple movie scenes, the viewers can see the superhero with a different cocktail, and his alcohol issues are often discussed in the comics now, even more than 40 years after his first struggle.

For the first time, the readers could see Tony Stark drinking was in Tales of Suspense #39. Five issues later, in Tales of Suspense #44, he could already hardly handle his champagne. Along with the development of the series, Tony’s drinking issues were worsening.

Many fans are curious, so what were the cocktails which the superhero was drinking, and if there is a cocktail party catering that can serve such thematic beverages. Here are several drinks that Tony would definitely enjoy.

Secret Superhero Cocktail Recipes

Would you like to try some of Tony’s favorite drinks out? You can either hire a catering company that will prepare them for you and your guests, or you can give it a try and mix them yourself:

  • The Arc Reactor cocktail – a mix of lime juice, blue curacao, lemon juice, simple syrup, and coconut rum, this is what gives you the taste of “coconut and metal”. Mix all the ingredients and serve in a martini glass to your guests.
  • Cocktail for Pepper Potts – consists of very dry frozen vodka, olive juice, a small dash of dry vermouth, and “a lot of olives, like at least three olives”. Put the booze with the ice in a shaker, add the olive juice and dry vermouth on top and shake. Pour into the cocktail glass and add a bunch of olives.Read More About : riley reid and rudy gobert
  • Captain America Frozen Cocktail – to make such a drink, you will need citron vodka, some water and ice, coconut run plus coconut syrup, sweetened blue raspberry drink, a bit of whipped topping, and blue and red sprinkles for decoration. Dip the glass into the syrup and then into the sprinkles, blend the blue part of the drink and pour it into the glass, then blend the white part and add it on top of the blue layer, decorate with the whipped topping and serve.
  • A cocktail with a scotch tape – Tony Stark was often sipping on Single Malt Scotch. The easiest drink you can make as it requires only additional ice. You can also get creative and add some sparkling water like Coke or Sprite to it.

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