Fun Birthday Party Ideas For Children

Hosting a kid’s birthday party with children as guest can be a bit of a task for an adult, but it can be fun for both the children and the adults. Consider these ideas for fun birthday party activities for young, energetic and creative kids.

Birthday Baking

This activity will, of course, need to be supervised by an adult, but it can be fun for kids. Try something simple and tasty, like cupcakes or cookies. Cookies are usually a fairly simple recipe and can give every kid something to do to add to the baking.

Be sure to have the children wash their hands before handling cookie dough. Help the children measure and mix up the batter properly. Then let each child form the dough into balls and place them on the cookie sheet. Baking not only makes a great activity for children, but will lead to a nice treat for them as well. Baking can also make a little something for each child to take home.

Finger Painting

Finger painting is an activity that will out the creative side of children that children will have fun with and that gives each guest something to bring home with him or her. Find paints that will come clean from the children’s clothing, as it can be a messy project. Spread newspaper over the table so that the children do not leave paint on it and be sure to have water and paper towels handy.

Besides finger painting, kids will enjoy using a brush, or even a straw. To paint with a straw, place a drop of paint on the page. Blow through the straw toward the drop of paint and watch as the paint spreads out in different directions. This can be done with several drops of paints in several colors on different areas of the page and can create a very imaginative painting.

Active Games for Kids

Kids love an active game and have so much energy to expend. If the party is in the summertime, outdoor games are desirable, given the warm weather, long daylight time and the holiday from school. Games like tag, or a ball game like soccer are great for all kids. In a snowy winter, outdoor games can include a little tobogganing, provided that each child is dressed warmly and the party is during the daytime. And for indoor games on those colder days, try something like Twister – kids love it.

For a kid’s birthday party that all the kids can enjoy, find fun activities that help kids expend their energy and use their creativity.

Carnival Birthday Party Planning Ideas

A carnival birthday party is ideal for kids of all ages. Tailor the kids’ party games and party decorations to fit the ages of the kids who will attend. A carnival party also works well for a wide range of ages at the party. Set up booths with carnival games of varying difficulty to accommodate all of the guests.

Carnival Birthday Party Game Booths

The game booths at the carnival make up a lot of the carnival party entertainment, whether homemade games or carnival game rentals are used. If tables are used at the booths, cover them in a bright tablecloth that matches the carnival color scheme. Add a fringed table skirt in a metallic material or drape streamers along the front. A bouquet of helium-filled balloons flanking each booth also adds a festive touch to the carnival booth decoration. A 360 photo booth Bay Area is also a must have to make the party more fun for kids. Poster board signs by each booth with hand-drawn pictures also dress up the area.

Carnival games are easy to create at home using simple materials. Games such as the ring toss, duck pond, fishing game, balloon popping game and bean bag toss are easy to reproduce. Another option is carnival game rentals. Party rental shops often have carnival game rentals available to make the carnival games simple.


A brightly-colored tent is a key component to the carnival birthday party setup, especially if the event is held outdoors. A large tent over the tables or seating area adds decoration but also provides protection from the sun. Smaller tents over the booths are another option, although the cost of tents can add up quickly.

When hosting an indoor carnival, try using a child’s parachute to recreate the party tent feeling. Suspend it from the ceiling and tie ropes around the perimeter to spread it out. Another option is to use a brightly colored tablecloth or sheet to create the feeling of a tent indoors.

Other Carnival Party Entertainment Ideas

Games aren’t the only way to have fun at a carnival birthday party. Bouncy house rentals are available at almost any party rental store and add a big source of entertainment at the carnival party. Bouncy house rentals are appropriate for kids of all ages, but it’s best to limit the number of people in the bouncy house at once to avoid injuries. Have an adult supervise the area to keep the kids safe. Bouncy house rentals may require specific dimensions and restrictions for the area where they are set up so read the fine print.

Photo booth rentals are another good addition to a carnival birthday party. Check with your local party rental store to see if they offer photo booth rentals. This idea allows all of the guests to capture happy memories of the day. Photo booth rentals are particularly appealing to older kids who might find it more entertaining than the games.

Carnival Birthday Party Decorations

A welcome banner greets the guests in a cheerful way. A large piece of colorful butcher paper works well for a temporary carnival banner just like free spins. Paint the greeting with tempera paint using the primary colors or the color scheme of the event. Naming the circus after the birthday child makes it more personalized.

Balloons and streamers are a standard decoration for carnivals. Helium-filled balloons capture the attention of kids both young and old. Balloons and streamers are also very affordable, making them an inexpensive way to add a big splash of color to the carnival location. A series of balloon arches at the entry into the carnival creates a tunnel to fun for the guests.

Homemade cardboard cutouts are another inexpensive carnival decoration option. Make them any shape and use tempera paint to add the details. General carnival shapes might include balls, clowns or cotton candy. If you choose a specific theme for the carnival, make cutouts of related shapes. Painting both sides of the cardboard cutouts allows them to be suspended from the ceiling if the carnival is indoors.

Carnival Birthday Party Planning

A carnival birthday party lends itself well to many colorful and exciting decorations and party activities. Taking time to plan the carnival party decorations, carnival game rentals, photo booth rental and other party details ensures that the event is a success with guests of all ages.