FUT 22 – Marco Verratti’s Elite ‘Flashback TOTS’ Player Card


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Many ‘Team of the Season’ (TOTS) Player Cards have now been introduced in FUT 22, and although the official TOTS list has already been completed, there is still room for a ‘Flashback TOTS’ Player Card to be added for Paris Saint-Germain’s dependable central midfielder, Marco Verratti!

Paris Saint-Germain continues to cement their reputation as France’s most decorated football club, winning the Ligue 1 for a record tenth (10th) time!

With many of the club’s players already inducted in FUT 22’s TOTS roster, the team’s Italian playmaker, Marco Verratti, also deserves his own player card boost in the form of his latest ‘Flashback TOTS’ Player Card today!

This player card is essentially Verratti’s version of his FUT 20’s TOTS edition, boasting outstanding overall stats like:

(CM) Marco Verratti’s ‘Team of the Season’ Player Card: OVR 93

  • Dribbling: 95 (+4)
  • Passing: 94 (+7)
  • Defending: 90 (+11)
  • Physicality: 87 (+20)
  • Pace: 87 (+23)
  • Shooting: 84 (+23)

Showcasing ratings around the high 80s and 90s, Verratti is now undoubtedly one of the most incredible players in FUT 22!

If you’re interested in recruiting the Italian for UT, here are the three (3) Squad-Building Challenges (SBCs) that you will need to complete first (11 number of Players for each Squad):

  • PSG (Reward: Prime Electrum Players Pack)
    • Minimum number of Players from Paris Saint-Germain: 1
    • Minimum number of In-From (IF)/ ‘Team of the Season’ (TOTS) Players: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 84
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 70
  • ITALY (Reward: Rare Mixed Players Pack)
    • Minimum number of Players from Italy: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 86
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 60
  • LIGUE 1 (Reward: Rare Electrum Players Pack)
    • Minimum number of Players from Ligue 1: 1
    • Minimum Squad Rating: 87
    • Minimum Team Chemistry: 50

You still have enough time to accomplish all the SBCs as they expire around 10th June 2022 (Friday) later.

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