Getting romantic in Italy Make the most of your vacation

Many people are devoted to hard work. In order to fully rest on long holidays and probably have plans for wanting to travel abroad but I don’t want to go to the nearby area in Asia, I want to have an experience abroad that fly across the twilight. Today we would like to introduce some beautiful places to visit in Italy, I assure you that I have been impressed with the beautiful pictures and also fell in love with Italy even more.

1. Colosseum (Colosseum)

Let’s start with the Colosseum. This is one of the wonders of the world. Located in the middle of Rome It is a large outdoor stadium in important history. There is a basement where ferocious animals that were used to compete in the competition of the past. And is also a role model in many historical films If you have to walk to see the atmosphere in each point May be amazed by the architecture as if it were born in that era It is the first check-in point. That if anyone comes to Italy, then must visit

2. Burano (Burano)

Located on the small island of the Venetian Lagoon (Venetian Lagoon) known for its colorful fishing villages. Ready to store many shots Take a walk through the atmosphere of the candy colored village by the sea. While tasting fresh seafood Plus, you can also visit the museum about beautiful patterns of lace such as linen and blanket. Which is more special is The local recipe butter cookies called “Bussolai Buranei” are so delicious to taste. Now slot easy jackpot very popular in the world.

3. VENICE (Venice)

A city adjacent to a canal, but so high that many attractions in other countries have been replicated countless times. You will see a contemporary classic. But has a retro vibe If there is a chance to visit once Do not forget to take a boat ride around the city to guarantee a romantic atmosphere is very good. The highlight of this place is the square San Marco (Piazza San Marco) beautiful architecture. And the iconic Lione statue here

4. Vernazaa

It’s a cute city That was both the beginning of many romantic novels. And appeared in many famous series as well It is a seaport town with beautiful views, good weather, not hot and not too hot, this place has been certified by UNESCO as a conservation area. Because despite having many beautiful houses lined up But also surrounded by nature That many people have to fall in love with Moreover, this place has fresh seafood that you can also visit chianti and buy chianti.

5. Spanish Steps

Reading the title may be a little shocked. But this is the Spanish Steps that located Rome. And is the widest and longest staircase in Europe It is a place where tourists from many nationalities are gathered here. Even though it is an old place that has been built for a long time But this classic is charming. Both beautiful architecture and Roman sculpture. It’s a background that will make your photos look beautiful. Without having to rely on Photoshop

6. Alberobello

A small village where many tourists have already fallen. Known as a lovely village. Nicknamed the Hobbit Village There were only tens of thousands of people, but the warm tones covered almost all white. The uniqueness of this village is the Trulli houses. The roof is almost conical. And it was also registered from UNESCO in 1996 as a World Heritage Site.

This would be a recommended Italian sauce. But if you want to touch each other more fleshy, you have to try to touch each other yourself. For traveling from Thailand to Italy It takes about 22-23 hours across the day to do it. Therefore must prepare the body to be ready But worth visiting once Have opened new experiences in foreign countries, plus the Italian people are kind and cute Friendly to foreigners Definitely get an impression. Genuine Property Management is one of the most innovative and value-driven property management companies in Orange County.