GoGoPDF: The Perfect PDF Tools Online 

When it comes to converting your MS Office documents to PDF, finding the right website is a bit tricky nowadays, mainly if the internet contains hundreds of websites that can convert PDF files to Word and vice-versa, and not all of them are safe to use. 

That’s why professionals created GoGoPDF to ensure that all your files are safe with their cloud, and they will be automatically deleted in just hours. This website is very secure to use and can be entrusted with different files, and they offer twenty-six various PDF services just for free. Here are some of the most used tools that they provide for your reference. 

Convert Your Word Document To PDF

Converting your Word document to PDF is vital in our new world due to the different possibilities we might encounter at work or sending our files through online portals, like Google Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and your company’s email. 

Some of these problems are:

  • The file might be corrupted due to a different version of MS Officer.
  • Your Word document might be easily altered.
  • A difference between software and the size of the Word file might affect your file’s quality.

Thanks to GoGoPDF, the conversion of Word to PDF online has helped many people’s lives and made it a lot easier. 

This website provides three easy steps to convert your word documents to PDF in less than five minutes. Remember, it’s better to keep your documents secure than feel sorry later. So here are the three simple steps you can follow as a guide when logging in to the GoGoPDF website:

  • Upload your desired word document to the select file box in the middle and drop or drag it to the converter box.
  • When the file is uploaded in the converter box, GoGoDPF will automatically scan your document and convert it to PDF. It might take a few minutes during the conversion time or even more, depending on your file’s size. 
  • When the conversion is done, your file will be ready for download. You can also copy the link provided by GoGoPDF and share it with any of your social media accounts for a faster way of communication. 

Repair Your PDF File

Among the twenty-six tools, GoGoPDF can help you with one of the most challenging PDF repair tools. People may get depressed or anxious whenever their PDF files might get corrupted for various reasons. Your PDF file might get corrupted during the sending process because your version and the receiver’s version is not the same.

Good thing GoGoPDF has it all! They can repair all kinds of PDF files if they are corrupted, broken by any sort of virus, or whatever other reasons. GoGoPDF can repair your PDF files in just four simple steps below as your guide:

  1.  Selecting The FIle – First, choose the file that you want to be repaired from your device and then drag or drop them to the toolbox provided.
  2. Repairing process – When the file is uploaded to dropbox, GoGoPDF will automatically fix the damaged file; all you have to do is wait until it’s finished.
  3.  Share it – When the repair is done, you can share your newly repaired PDF file with a personalized touch by copying the link provided and send it to your recipients.
  4. Ready for download – Besides sharing the file with the link, you can also download your new PDF file for free to any of your devices or upload them straight to your Google Drive. 

Unlock Your PDF File

GoGoPDF can easily unlock any locked PDF files, even if you forgot the password you installed before sending the file. They can remove any password or security for free with this tool. Here are the three simple steps in removing the password:

  1. Select the file that you wish to unlock and upload it to the password remover box. 
  2. Once uploaded, GoGoPDF will start removing the password on your locked document.
  3. Once the process is done, you can now download your unlocked PDF to your device for free. 


This website is fantastic because it can help you solve all the PDF problems you might encounter with your files and not only that, you can access all their twenty-six tools for free.

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