Google Image Search is more accurate for finding pictures!

google’s search technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. The new image search function can also identify the content in the image and directly determine the landmark of the photo. Although it has not yet become a new Google product, it is already a new feature that is expected. Before this feature appeared, Google image search functions also made searching interesting!

New Google Image Search Technology:

Recognizable Landmarks It’s easy for the human eye to recognize landmarks. But for computers, this involves quite complex calculations and techniques. So far, image search technology usually uses text tags and other information to identify the content of images. But this technological breakthrough of Google can directly determine the landmarks in the photos.

Several must-know Google Image Search tricks!

Can’t find the picture you want? Or when making a beautiful slide or report, you need a vivid picture to help your performance be more attractive. At this time, it is inevitable to say: “A good picture is worth a thousand words.” Google Image Search is a very powerful image search service, but when you usually use it, if you just enter keywords, it would be a waste of its function. Here we take a look at a few image search techniques you will use, I hope everyone can find the image in mind.

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