Guide to Choose the Best Mobile Casinos 2021


The last few years have been decisive for online gambling, more and more people prefer to play in mobile casinos than in traditional casinos.

Business of virtual games has grown from a sporadic hobby to a favorite of many players, but what is the reason behind its increasing popularity? Here, in this article, we will tell you more about them, including how to choose top mobile casinos. However, if you’d rather pick ones from a list of selected mobile casinos, you may visit here.

Why are mobile casinos getting popular?

  • The wide variety of casino games

The Internet is full of mobile casinos trying to attract potential players and retain their current users. With all these options available, people can easily find an online casino that fits their needs and preferences. From poker, blackjack, baccarat and even themed slots, online games are incredibly diverse.

  • Comfort and accessibility

One of the main reasons for its success is the comfort offered by online games and casinos, since classic slots can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. Although many players love the atmosphere that a traditional casino offers, on some days it is better to stay in the chair and try your luck from the computer or other device.

  • Realistic virtual experiences

Many people think that nothing compares to a real visit to the casino. However, the best mobile casino can match the experience of bookmakers. These virtual platforms are filled with aesthetically pleasing posters and slots, with thousands of themes and vibrant colors just a click away. What you will find on these pages are live casino games, with a real dealer.

Instant Play versus Mobile Casino Apps

Some best mobile casinos offer the option of downloading applications that allow you to play several of their games, although many also offer the option of playing directly, that is, from the web and without having to download an app. The latter option requires no download and this means that your Android device does not require much memory.

Moreover, the large screen size of many Android cell phones in their latest models allows you to enjoy various casino games in a comfortable way.

  • Does my device have enough memory? Generally, users have bought their Android mobile or tablet in recent years and this implies that it should have enough memory to download some online casino applications. Although, it is always advisable to remove apps that we do not use before proceeding to new downloads.
  • How often will I play? If you are going to play often, it is convenient to be able to download the application and play by simply clicking on the app icon. If you don’t play too often, and to save memory during the process, the instant play option may be appropriate.
  • Will you be playing for real money? Both methods are recommended when playing for real money, as they both offer encrypted technology that ensures security in games and transactions.

Finally, when choosing a game option, it is also important to remember the size and shape in which each game appears on the screen.

How to choose the Best Mobile Casino

As humans, we are blessed with the power of conscious thought. We can think about all the important questions that haunt us every day, whether God exists, will global warming affect me too, and what is the best mobile casino online? Although the first two questions have really simple answers, the third question has everyone in a dilemma. So what is the best mobile casino?

The immediate answer is: it depends. The first thing to consider in choosing the best mobile casino is the quality of mobile coverage. Mobile networks are, of course, constantly improving, as the penetration of mobile casinos phones worldwide is steadily moving toward 100 percent.

Mobile considerations

However, not all smartphone users have reliable internet connections, and this limits them to using casinos that offer downloadable games, often presented as a casino package, with multiple game options.

The game selection counts

Then there is the question of which game is your particular weakness. The best mobile casino site for poker players will hardly be the same as the one for roulette players.

So if you’re looking at mobile casinos or just wondering if the current one is the best possible mobile casino, it’s thus established, just look for the one where you can win the most money and where the biggest boats are.

How to Start Playing at a Mobile Casino

When you start betting from your mobile device, there are no extra complications. It’s actually fairly straightforward. Many mobile casinos still let you play by downloading an app or by visiting the website straight from your browser. It’s a personal decision that is based on your preferences – as well as the memory available on your device.

Opening an account in a mobile casino is likewise straightforward and requires no more effort than in a standard online casino. You must first enter your preferred username, email address, and password in the application or on the casino website; then you must choose a payment option; finally, you must verify your account via the email address you gave, and that’s all there is to it.

Keep in mind that if you’re registering for the first time at a mobile casino, you might be entitled for a welcome bonus. Be mindful of running out of money, and always read the fine print!

As you might expect, gambling on your mobile device may be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of trouble if you don’t take certain measures, which we’ll discuss below.

Apps and casino websites, like practically other mobile games, use a lot of energy and data – and they use more and more as the quality of the image and sound effects improves. Our recommendation is that you play in areas where there is a wifi network.

Techniques of Mobile Casinos

Players of mobile casinos like to play their favorite slots in HTML 5. The video content is clear and much better in HTML 5. HTML5 has another useful benefit that players of mobile games will love: improved battery performance. For those with mobile devices, this is vital. HTML5’s functionality requires no “player” installation. It works automatically on all devices with maximum efficiency and at high speed.

Did you know that Flash Player is not compatible with iOS, but HTML 5 is? The latter is also compatible with various browsers. HTML5 functionality allows content to run even if an internet connection is temporarily interrupted or broken.

Our best mobile casino without download offers players several advantages. Since you don’t need to download any software, all you have to do is “click” a button. Our wide range of mobile casino games includes slots, scratch cards, roulette games, blackjack and live casinos. Delays and interruptions are virtually non-existent when you use our games.

Another useful feature available to players is the set of widgets that provide more information about your game sessions. For example, players can view statistics in real time. This allows you to keep track of everything that is happening in the casino and how your sessions went.

Mobile Casino Types

Within the wide range of possibilities that mobile devices offer us, is that we can use them to play our favorite online casino games. To do this, we can choose to play from our mobile browser, or access them through the application of an online casino that we will have to download before.

Although playing a free casino with mobile may seem like nonsense, reality tells us that this is usually the best way to really enjoy the essence of the game. We don’t have to worry about the money we bet, whether we win or lose.

Mobile Gaming: iPhone and iPad

The devices that Apple develops and uses the iOS operating system have very sensitive touchscreens and excellent graphics systems, this makes the experience of playing free slots of high quality. Even more important is the huge variety of slot machines available and designed exclusively for this operating system. It is noteworthy that even some slot machines offer progressive prizes, bonuses and 3D games

Mobile Casino for Android

If you have a device with an Android operating system, the most practical way to play online is through a casino that does not require downloading, since most games and gambling applications are usually based on software for Windows. This means that the user can choose the game they want to play without having to download the version from their computer and open it from their browser.

Currently, most online mobile casino games update their online programs and develop specific applications for the most commonly used operating systems. Regardless of the option you choose, you have the option to transfer your balance from the main casino to the mobile version.

Because of the online gambling market’s ongoing technical progress and innovation in the realm of online gambling terms, no-download slot machines are now available for products like the Samsung Gear, Apple Watch, and other smart watches. Micro gaming is the key provider who has been a forerunner in developing the functionality for this platform. You’re probably aware that if you have a smartwatch, you can play Microgaming slots like Thunderstruck and Dark Knight Rises.

Mobile Casino Games

Casinos offer a large number of games to spend time with. Bingo, roulette or slot machines have become the most popular for years, with the addition of other equally well-known variants such as poker. With the advent of new technologies, especially cell phones, it is easy to find video games that capture the essence of casinos.

Mobile Slots

Do you like playing slots for real money and enjoy the adrenaline that it presupposes? Mobile slots might be the best option. Thanks to online mobile casino games with mobile slots, you can load these games in just a few seconds and start spinning the reels. It is no longer necessary to have a computer to enjoy a good time, thanks to these sites you can take advantage of any dead time for a quick game.

To play these mobile slot machines for real money, you need to sign up at a mobile casino.

Mobile Blackjack

On your iPhone, you can play blackjack online, or on your Android phone, you can play mobile blackjack. Everything is now possible, but real money mobile blackjack is a lot more fun. Owners of these gadgets, as well as those who own an iPad, will be pleased with mobile casino bonuses and fantastic mobile gaming.

Choose from a list of all mobile casino games developed by NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft, Yggdrasil Gaming, and other firms if you have a smartphone or tablet with an operating system and don’t want to stop playing for a minute.

Mobile Roulette

Mobile roulette is a relatively new addition to the gaming options normally offered on such gaming sites. The game is intended to not only make the players’ gaming experience easier, but also easier to access, as one could play directly from their casino mobile device, such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

In earlier versions of some online casinos, not only roulette but also the rest of the games were generally only available through a downloadable version of the casino. In other words, in order for casino players to access the casino offerings, they had to download and install additional gaming software on their devices.

Mobile Live Gaming

Live dealer games are the best way to get a real casino experience, just as if you were in a physical casino experience. This technology began to spread in 2008 and is now added to most online casinos on your mobile. Most of these currently offer sections dedicated to live dealer games for blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker, so the next step is to have them running from cell phones and tablets.

Currently, due to recent technological advancements, there are many who play in the casino from their iPhone, iPad, Android phone, tablet, etc. Playing in a mobile casino is very easy, you can also do it anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a stable internet connection. We recommend using the iPad or an Android tablet to get a better gaming experience, although cell phones are getting better and better and the size of their screens also allows us to “enjoy it big”.

Mobile Casinos for Real Money

The biggest difference we can find between playing online casino games on a computer or on a mobile device is actually the size of the screen, since the rest of the features are usually pretty similar.

In the same way that we can play for real money in an online mobile casino using a table computer, we can also do so on the various gambling websites with mobile versions. Every time we start a new session in an online casino, we recommend paying special attention to the terms of use of the website.

Deposit methods for Mobile Casino

This may not come as a surprise to you, but consider the following statistics: When it comes to financial transactions, one of the key concerns of online casino consumers is payment methods and security. Since you’re reading this, it’s obviously a topic that interests you, so let’s get right to the point. On this page, you’ll learn how to use several payment methods to deposit and withdraw money at online casinos. Discover which cards and digital wallets you can use, as well as all the information you need to make deposits and withdrawals.

If you go through all the online casinos thoroughly, you will quickly notice that the only payment method accepted on every site is credit cards. This payment method is used seamlessly on the internet, not only on gambling sites, because it offers more flexibility and convenience; If you have already used credit cards as a payment method on the internet, you probably already know the full range of options, facilities and availability they offer. Making a deposit at an online casino is one of the simplest and most direct things there is, so it is very rare that you will encounter complications in this.

The brands that are always present are Visa and MasterCard, you can think of them as the popular kids that everyone wants at the table; while American Express needs approval before joining the club. According to the EU Payment Services Directive, companies cannot charge surcharges for debit or credit card payments, including American Express and other linked payment methods such as PayPal or Apple Pay, so you can see why cards are preferred for casino deposits and withdrawals.

To find out what type of cards you can use, go to the bottom of the home page of the online casino you have chosen and pay attention to the logos that appear there, or you can also read the terms and conditions.

Mobile Casino Software Providers

There is no doubt that the three largest casino software providers in the world are the three giants Playtech, Microgaming and NetEnt. However, in recent years, new software brands have emerged that have managed to consolidate their good reputation and gain a place among the top ten software developers. Below you can see our list of these leading mobile casino developers:

Playtech: the leader continues

Playtech is the leader in the casino software market. Thanks to their flexible software, Playtech casinos have both options: play directly in the browser or download the casino software. A huge success are their licensed games for many popular movies.

Microgaming: the big challenger

Microgaming has been developing software for online casinos since 1994. This long experience is felt in every spin of fun slot machines like “Game of Thrones” and “Mega Moolah”. Their games are optimized for mobile casino bonus devices, they can be played in instant mode or in version with download of the software on the computer if you prefer.

NetEnt: a cool breeze from the north

NetEnt develops exclusively browser-based games with stunning graphics and sounds and many innovative features. Your employees pose for free and with an unfavorable face on the homepage of your official website.

Best Mobile Casino Bonuses

It is absolutely crucial for players to take advantage of the lucrative sign-up casino bonuses. There are numerous online casinos available, all vying for your attention. Online casinos, including Merkur and Jackpot City Casino, constantly offer mobile casino bonuses and promotions.

Welcome bonus

Almost every online casino or gambling site will give you a casino bonus if you sign up and create an account. When you make your first deposit, you will receive the bonus. The amount of this incentive is normally equivalent to 100% of the first deposit, though it can be larger. To qualify for this form of bonus, you must usually wager a specified amount of money on specific games. All of this in a short period of time

Free Spins

At the present, one of the most popular casino bonuses. Free spins on slots are becoming increasingly popular as a tool for online mobile casinos to lure gamers not only to their sites, but also to specific machines they want to promote.

No Deposit Bonus

This is one of the most enticing casino bonuses available to players. Some online casinos may give you a free cash bonus even if you don’t make a deposit. The value of these casino bonuses is usually not particularly high, and their release usually entails wagering the bonus’s worth a particular number of times in a particular amount of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I play any casino game on my mobile? 

Most new games can be played on mobile devices without any problems. With some older games this will unfortunately not be possible, because the technology is not made for it.

  • Can I use the same casino account as my computer? 

Yes, you can simply use the same casino account on your mobile devices as you normally use on your computer.

  • How do you pay by phone at an online casino? 

If the casino in question offers this, then there are several options. This can be via SMS, or even through your subscription. For the exact steps check with your casino.

  • Do I need to download a mobile casino app or can I play through my internet browser?

This really depends entirely on what you like better. In fact, it is possible to play both on your browser and through a downloadable app.

  • Which is better to play an app or in the browser?

One is not better than the other, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. In the end, it just comes down to your own preferences.

  • Can you win real money with online casino apps?

Yes, with online casino apps you can win real money. Of course, you can also win real money through online browser casinos. So unfortunately, you can also lose real money.

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