Guide to Roulette Online – Rules, Strategies and Bonuses


Guide to Roulette Online – Rules, Strategies and Bonuses

  1. Guide to Roulette Online – Rules, Strategies and Bonuses

Roulette is among the most popular online casino games thanks to its simplicity and the thrill of what luck might bring you. Roulette is deceptively simple but discerning players understand that there is a right and wrong way of approaching roulette. Instead of placing bets anywhere, such gamers devise a strategy by appreciating the risk and reward level then calculating the way forward. This comprehensive roulette guide teaches everything from basic rules and strategies to bonuses that make playing virtual roulette interesting.

  1. How to Find a Great Roulette Online Casino

A good online roulette casino provides multiple roulette variations of the game and generous bonus conditions. Today, online casino roulette comes in many variations. The variations include double ball, mini, monopoly, 3D, multi-wheel, and immersive roulette. Regardless of whether a player has a small or big bankroll, choosing an online casino with a beneficent roulette bonus is always better. Popular online roulette bonuses include a welcome bonus, no deposit bonus and reload bonus. Look out for casinos that offer generous bonuses for prolonged play to significantly increase the chances of winning. Also, most credible online casinos allow players to practice for free. Also, the online casino must have a reputation of paying real money to winners. To establish this, check out online reviews of the casino. As well, check if the online casino has a valid gaming license.

  1. Roulette Online Rules, Types and Strategies

Before you decide to play roulette in an online casino and bet real money, you should consider the following basic roulette rules. Understanding the ins and outs of the roulette game provides a player an edge. Fortunately, this section highlights roulette rules, types of bets and betting strategy.  

3.1 Roulette Rules

Learning how to play roulette online is a lot easier compared to many other casino games. The gameplay is straightforward. The game of roulette involves placing bets to predict where a ball will land after it is spun on a big wheel. Online casinos automatically pay out the winning bets and collect losing bets.

The roulette wheel has an outer rim that spins a ball and a series of numbered pockets that collect the ball. Roulette pockets are numbered 1 to 36 with half of them colored in red and the other half colored black. Also, there is a green 0 pocket. Although it depends on the type of roulette you play. In American roulette there is an extra 00 pocket.

First rule: before each spin, a player  chooses a number or a set of numbers to bet on has enough time. Next, he decides the amount of money he will bet. Once the dealer spins the wheel, you now wait to see if your bets are winning.

Second rule: A player can place multiple bets on the roulette wheel. This is why roulette has colored chips unique for each player. After placing bets, a player hits the spin button.  

Third rule: After the ball drops in a pocket, winning bets will be paid out while the online casino will collect the losing bets. The roulette table will reopen for new bets and a new round will begin.

3.2 Types Of Bets

In roulette, bets are broken into three categories: i.e. inside bets, outside bets, and announced or call bets. Often, inside bets are riskier but have higher payouts compared to outside bets that offer lower odds.

For inside bets, players place their wagers on numbers in the inners section of the roulette table. A player can bet on multiple outcomes. For instance, a player can place a bet on a specific number. Other inside bets include split bets (betting on 2 adjacent numbers), street bets (betting on 3 numbers in a column), and corner bets (betting on 4 adjacent numbers).

As for outside bets, a player places his/her bets on the outside sector of the table. The most popular bets are on color, odd or even number, high or low number, columns, or dozens. For an online roulette beginner, outside bets are a great starting point since they are not very volatile. This way, a new player of roulette online casino has a chance of understanding how the game works.

Announced or call bets are available on French and European roulette tables. Instead of placing bets on the table, these bets as the name suggests are called out or announced. Popular call bets include Voisins du zero (neighbors of zero – a 9-chip bet) and Tiers du Cylindre (third of the wheel – a 6-chip bet). Others include Orphelins (orphans – a 5-chip bet), and Jeu Zero (zero game – a 4-chip bet).

3.3 Online Roulette House Edge

House edge is a representation of the mathematical advantage the online casino has over players. It shows the difference between the real odds of winning and the casino paying out winning bets. To calculate the house edge, subtract the payback percentage from 100%. House edge or house advantage varies depending on the type of roulette a gambler plays. Generally, lower the house edge gives players of online roulette a better chance of winning.

In online roulette sites, players have a choice of American, European or French roulette. Both European and French roulette are the same in terms of wheel layout and bets allowed. The main difference between these two versions is that bets have different names. On the other hand, the American roulette wheel has zero and double zero pockets. This significantly increases the house edge which is unfavorable to players. The RTP (return to player) or payback percentage in American roulette is around 94.7% as opposed to 97.3% in European roulette. So, the house edge in a European Roulette game is 2.7% while the American house edge is 5.26%.  Thus, it is advisable to play more favorable online roulette variants instead of American Roulette.  

3.4 What is the Best Roulette Strategy

One thing is for sure, online casinos are not stupid. So, although gamblers can use strategies to increase their chances of winning, none work 100%. When playing online roulette the element of chance is stronger compared to any other casino game. However, a few strategies like the Martingale system, the Paroli system, and Fibonacci among others are available. A popular strategy involves betting on neighboring numbers by splitting a bet.

  1. Practice – Online Demo & Free Roulette Games

The beauty of playing online roulette is that most casinos provide the thrill of online gambling free. Free roulette games provide the easiest way for both experienced and new players to learn. Best of all, a new player can practice roulette without signing up. The online demo and free roulette help a player get a feel of the gameplay before joining the real money action.

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