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Blackpods, yes the most viral product of the year 2020. The Blackpods spread around the globe like fire in a jungle. More than 10 million units were sold around the globe.

But what makes it so special is that you should consider buying it. Let’s talk about some of its key features which you can only find in other expensive wireless headphones.


The main reason which gave a boost in sales of Blackpods is the price. Today if you want a wireless headphone, then the minimum price starts from $100.

But these Blackpods cost you less than $50. Not everyone can afford those expensive wireless headphones. So, people bought these $50 headphones and enjoyed their music.

Sound Quality.

Some of you must be thinking if the product cost you this cheap then the sound quality would be low. But trust me on this one, the sound quality is astonishing. You will feel the sound has rhythm to it,


The Blackpods have the best build quality. Made up of plastic with a mat finish design. They are light in weight but feel just like airpods. Quality is durable and. Blackpods case has a very distinctive style to it. The positive point of Blackpods is that they don’t hurt your ears after a long listening period.

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They have the best technology you can ever have in a wireless headphone. They will start working automatically once you put them in your ear.

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