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Black pods.

Thinking to stand out in a crowd, then black pods are the best choice for you to have. Black pods are the best pair of wireless headphones you can buy.

There are a lot of retailers you can find which are trying to get rid of the remaining stock but the black pods are now in fashion. They are beautiful and significantly different from the original pods.

The blackpods are the best choice for you if you have an iPhone because they are cheap and sound good. You can also have them for android.

These are truly wireless headphones with Siri audio control. Battery life is very good. They have seamless connectivity and have the best audio sound.

So, let’s have a look at other features.


The original AirPods are very expensive. They were launched back on December 13, 2016. The normal cost is $159. You can find them a bit cheap at some retailers because of the discontinuation of the product.

But if you want a cheap and best solution then Blackpods is the best choice for you to have for just $50.


Black pods have a very distinctive design. They are much cooler than those typical white headphones.

The black pods are significantly thicker than that of typical headphones because they have the battery and microphone inside them.

Sound Quality.

From all of our tests, we feel good about the fit and feel of the black pods, they actually sound good.

The black pods blow away the Lightning-equipped EarPods. The black pods offer a nice and cool sound experience compared to the original AirPods.

Battery Life

The black pod’s battery life is really good. The battery life is up to 5 hours and is completely accurate in our test.

The case is an excellent work of design. The case is charged with the help of a lightning port. Once the case is fully charged, it is enough to charge your EarPods over four times.

A small LED under the charging case glows red and green to indicate the charge status, and you can open the lid near a phone to check the battery status of both pods and the case.

In short, the battery life of the black pods is great and much better as compared to its competition.

Our Verdict.

There is a lot about the black pods that we like, they sound great, long battery life, and sleek black design. Also, these are a lot cheaper than the original one and perform just like the original AirPods.

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