Vehicles, cinema seats, gardening tools, computer equipment, jackhammers, playgrounds, kitchen utensils, and even churches or warehouses, everything is sold and bought at online auctions. The platforms are – online auction site bidvaluable – have made it their specialty. And communities, hesitant at first, are more and more numerous to resort to it. In the context of budgetary scarcity, the auction has the advantage of providing, quickly and immediately, additional income to finance unforeseen purchases not included in the main budget. By parting with a good that has become useless, the community clears its premises and also saves itself the costs of storage, waste disposal, dismantling, removal, or even decontamination of its equipment. The ecological gain should not be neglected either: the good is not thrown away but recycled.

  1. Understand the procedure

The sale procedure is simple, the platforms offering autonomous and easy-to-access management tools. Municipalities can therefore sell goods that they would otherwise have put in the trash or that an auctioneer would not have accepted. They also save themselves from bringing them to the auction room because it is the buyer’s responsibility to come and take delivery. In addition, the advantage of using a platform is to have its client portfolio (the women fashion clothing online shopping bidvaluablesite claims 400,000 to 500,000 visitors per month), a general portfolio, but above all a professional portfolio for specialized equipment.

Selling at online auction also seems a “good deal”: the final sale price is usually higher than in a private sale or through an auctioneer (around 10% higher for sales real estate on the same platform). Finally, the online auction has the great advantage of transparency: putting online protects against the risk of selling a property below market value to a private person, which is prohibited by case law. The municipality thus protects itself from any suspicion of favoritism or patronage. In any case, a municipality that is reluctant to get started can ideally start by testing the placing of goods from a service online before generalizing the practice to others.

The auction platforms

Both offer the same type of offers but in different geographical areas. Each has an online tool for autonomous auction management: types of goods sold, buyer profiles, real-time auction monitoring, etc. Their customer service supports communities at all stages of the sale: carrying out an inventory, drafting of offers, bids, payment, etc.

Bidvaluablestore: sells on behalf of communities and businesses. The platform is remunerated by taking 10 to 12% of the sale price on the equipment (5.5 to 8.5% on real estate). The sale is made on deposit to guarantee the seriousness of the buyers and it is possible to reserve sales for professionals (

Web Auction: access is restricted to local authorities, for an annual subscription that varies according to their size. The platform does not take commissions on sales (

  1. Take inventory of goods

It all starts with a systematic inventory of aging, unused, unsuitable, storage goods and materials … which the community wishes to part with. It can be equipped in good technical working order (which must be checked to avoid complaints), or equipment which, no longer meeting standards will be sold for…

What is an e-bidding system and why is it important in the COVID era?

I must say that in various organizations to have traded and exchanged goods Auctions are one of the most popular options. Because in addition to being able to help us find quality products It also allows us to get products at not very high prices as well but at present With the situation of COVID and epidemic Maybe we need to change the auction method to be an auction in the form of an e-bidding system instead. The next question is what an e-bidding system is. Today we will take you to get to know each other.

What is the e-bidding system?

An e-bidding system is a system used to auction products online between buyers and sellers. There will be competitions within the specified time period. The price competition will be in the same period. But it doesn’t have to be in the same place or country as well.

The auction system, e-bidding many types, what is it?

Single variable auction

It will be an auction in which bids can be made an unlimited number of times and the final price of other bidders can be seen but will not know who is who The items to be auctioned will be of the same level and the auction in this format will be bidding per 1 unit or 1 project only.

Multivariate Auction

A multivariate auction is a multiple auctions at the same time. This will be determined by the beginning bidder and cannot be changed. The multivariate auction uses the Price per Performance principle, which is automatically calculated by the system so that the beginning bidder will receive the product at a price that is suitable for the quality of the product.

At present with various situations, As a result, the original form of bidding had to be modified, and the e-bidding system was a part of solving this problem. Because in addition to facilitating the work of various organizations, the operation of the online auction system will reduce contact and help maintain distance as many people wonder what the e-bidding system is. And how will you come to help manage this part? It must be said that the benefit of participating in online auctions is the reduction in exposure. Reduce the use of photocopies you can participate in the auction anywhere without having to be gathered in the same place. It also helps in the development of potential and selection of bidders who provide quality products and services for joint bidding.

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