How many Designs Are Available In Straw Hats?

Straw hats are essentially brimmed hats developed in Europe and Asia with the help of straw and other synthetic variants. It is one of the most popular choices that people make in hats. Thus, the primary reason behind its existence was to protect you against heat stroke from the sun.

Apart from this, it also stood up in the fashion trends and can surely make you look great with its traditional designs. However, straw hats are also light in weight, which makes them convenient for you to carry while traveling. Furthermore, you must get American Made Straw Hats, as they are the best in quality.

In this article, we have assembled for you the best list of straw hats that can make you look the best.

1. Conical Straw Hats

Conical hats are considered the lucky charm for Vietnamese. These hats were first introduced in South Asia and won the hearts of many people. A conical hat consists of an inner band made up of nipa leaves, rattan buri straw, and a chinstrap, making it a lot more stylish.

2. Buntal Straw Hats

Buri palm leaves are found in the Philippines. Hence, the fibre that is extracted with these leaves is used to make the buntal hats, which is why they have a silky texture. This hat became quite popular and is available in various designs.

Thus, they are also durable and highly fashionable. So, if you are looking forward to wearing a hat made up of delicate straws, you must consider buntal hats.

3. Panama Straw Hats

Panama hats are the top hats in the family of straw hats. They are made from plaited leaves of the carludovica palmata plant, which also makes them pretty expensive.

With these hats on your head, nobody could possibly beat you in style. However, you could also get to know about a hat’s quality by looking at the straws used in it or by the density of weaving.

4. Salakot Straw Hats

This charming headgear is formed from materials like nito ferns, rattan, bottle gourd, bamboo, etc. You could also choose the shape of the salakot hat, as they are available in a dome shape and a cone shape.

Along with this, you won’t have to worry about the sunlight, as this hat will completely protect you along with giving an iconic look.

5. Boater Straw Hats

A boater hat features a rigid flat crown covered with a ribbon and a brim. Flat straw is taken in use to make them, and only men can wear them. It is also a great hat that could surely enhance your wardrobe.

The Bottom Line

While protecting you, a straw hat also ensures to complete your summer look amazingly. Panama straw hats could be an excellent option for you if you are willing to pair them with formal and informal outfits.

The best thing about straw hats is that they are classy and are easy to carry. Moreover, there are so many varieties found in straw hats, so you can also wear different hats with your outfits to rule your fashion game.

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