How much does a zorb ball cost? How to choose the best?

If you are an individual living in an unstable region, you probably have encountered people using a huge ball to move down the slanted surfaces. This activity is called zorbing, and the ball they utilize for this purpose is known as the Zorb ball.

The activity helps obtain a vast number of benefits. For instance, it regulates blood in your body, grants you an amazing way to entertain yourself, and, most importantly, doesn’t crack easily and will last you for a decent span.

 Yet one important part to consider over here is the pricing. Of Course, not everyone is blessed with a sustainable income that they can spend on this task. Hence, this article will observe an in-depth discussion over the price of Zorb ball and let you know ways to get yourself the best Zorb ball ever. So without any further due, let us dig into the content. Please have a look.

How much does the Zorb ball cost?

If you are wondering how much a Zorb ball costs, there is one significant thing you must know, the Zorb ball is of two types: the inflatable Zorb ball and the regular Zorb ball.

Inflatable Zorb balls are best suited for adults; however, the regular zorb can serve as one interesting activity for kids. It helps them exercise while improving their hand and eye coordination and agility. In addition, this adorable rolling piece will also help them enhance their concentration and boost confidence.

So, the cost of a zorb ball varies depending upon quality and size. The ball’s cost price will also vary on the material that has been used for its production.

 The soft ones are usually available at cheaper rates and are easier to grip. However, the hard balls are rugged and provide you with a rougher ride. Most of these rolling pieces cost between $50 to $500. However, if you cannot afford that much and want to save a few extra bucks on this purchase, purchasing a ball made in china can be a good option. They are made of lightweight materials and are durable as well.

How to choose the correct zorb ball for yourself

Now that you are fully aware of the product’s pricing, let us discuss some of the factors you should and must consider while making a choice. Have a look

Zorb ball size dimension

If we talk about the zorb balls’ diameter and size, the regular ones are about 3 to 3.5 meters, which becomes 10 feet in diameter. Hence the inner side of the same ball will be about 2 meters or 6- 7 feet in diameter.

 The plastic used for these zorb balls is at least 0.8 millimeters thick. So if you are a person who is willing to purchase the piece for your teenage kids or indoor usage, this can be a good choice for you.

 The other common type of zorb ball is named the 1m zorb ball. This size of this ball is meant for a single rider only. In addition, the internal dimensions are approximately 1.8 m and go well for the rider with a height of 5.9 inches to 6 inches. 

Therefore, if you are a person who lives alone or wants to purchase the zorb ball for spending quality Me-time, then there is no better option for you than this to choose.


One should always purchase the zorb ball made out of high-quality material to rest assured of security and the highest protection for riding. 

A smart idea here is to go for renowned and well-reputed brands as they are bound by goodwill to serve all of their customers with high-quality products. Wondering where to find a good brand? Well! It is an extremely simple process.

 Access any online search engine such as Google and spend some time searching for the topic. Find different brands and visit their official sites to read the customer reviews. Trust us, reading consumer reviews is one of the best ways to judge any brand’s efficiency. Or you can go for Kameymall as they provide fine quality products within a nominal price range.

Consider your height

Height plays a vital role in influencing how you use your zorb ball. If you can afford to customize your zorb ball, then consider amending it in proportion to your height. You want enough room inside it to sit and roll comfortably.

Many firms offer to customize the zorb balls according to customers’ will for a little bit of extra money.

Check for these factors.

In addition to both of the elements mentioned above, one should check for all the following points to rest assured of the product’s performance.

  •         The space between the inner and outer ball is filled with air for conserving the overall stretch ability of the balls. Hence passengers are seated directly inside the inner side of the ball and are allowed to enter through one entrance.
  •         Make sure to purchase a ball with a volume of at least 10-12 m and a mass of 70 kgs. The outer shell must be about double the size of the internal one, while both are less than a meter apart. It will ensure that the ball rotates evenly and smoothly from all sides, without any bumps.

The bottom lines

In a nutshell, a zorb ball is one of the fun and adventurous things one can purchase. It provides countless health benefits to humans, such as regulating blood and enhancing stamina.

Yet one crucial question that arises is: How much does a zorb ball cost? We have given a detailed answer to this question in the content mentioned above and a guide to purchasing it. This guide contains all of the crucial factors one must consider getting rest assured of a great purchase.

However, remember that zorbing is an activity that is not advised for people with health problems such as high or low blood pressure, osteoporosis, and scoliosis. In addition, individuals with musculoskeletal and cardiovascular problems should be very careful when approaching such adventures.

So if you are suffering from the health conditions mentioned above conditions, make sure to consult your doctor before making a purchase. Rest, we wish you the best of luck.