How professional cleaning services like coronavirus cleaning service Durham help you fight coronavirus at home

The number of carriers of the dangerous virus that has engulfed the entire planet is increasing daily. In these difficult conditions, one has to look for an opportunity to organize the work process at home when the useful area of the apartment is limited. However, a more important issue is the observance of sanitary and hygienic requirements and standards by each member of the society in which one has to exist. People are actively using cleaning services like coronavirus cleaning service Durham to keep appropriate sanitary conditions in their homes.

After a family member tests positive for coronavirus, it is important to know exactly how to carry out the disinfection procedure in order to prevent the spread of the virus. Experts from coronavirus cleaning service Durham offer several options for sanitizing the premises in which the carrier of a dangerous disease was located.

Regular ventilation and thorough cleaning

The COVID-19 virus is characterized by weak resistance to the external environment. Therefore, a simple and effective way to protect people who are forced to stay in the room where the covid carrier was located is regular ventilation and wet cleaning. After hospitalization of a patient with a confirmed diagnosis, coronavirus cleaning service Durham usually carry out the following procedures:

  • Wipe dust off furniture, walls, ceiling, and all surfaces in the apartment (including photo frames, decorative items, household appliances);
  • Change and wash at high temperature bed linen and towels;
  • knock out carpets, curtains, clean blinds;
  • Vacuum and mop the floor.

There are no special recommendations for choosing cleaning products. However, coronavirus cleaning service Durham opts for choosing the cleaning products which do not harm people’s health.

Treatment of an apartment with antiseptics

For complete disinfection of the premises after the presence of the carrier of the COVID-19 virus in it, you can use the services of specialized cleaning companies like coronavirus cleaning service Durham which can easily and quickly solve this problem. The staff of the cleaning service performs their task using advanced cleaning equipment and products. As you know, coronavirus is extremely contagious, and being both in the air and on different surfaces of an apartment, it can easily infect all the dwellers. So, the sooner you start cleaning, the better for your health.

In the process of processing, employees use personal protective equipment (overalls, masks, gloves), which, after disinfection, must be disposed of.

Professional Dry Fog or UV Treatments Dry fog treatments can only be performed by licensed companies like coronavirus cleaning service Durham which are authorized to carry out this type of work. The smallest particles of a disinfectant are able to penetrate into the most inaccessible areas in the room. The procedure is carried out in compliance with strict security measures: before inviting specialists, it is necessary to pack food, furniture, and household appliances in polyethylene; leave the premises (there should be no people, pets, plants); final disinfection will take time, so the return of people to their apartment is possible only after a few days.

It is also possible to carry out treatment with the help of UV – irradiators, which can be of two types (open and closed). Open-type equipment is considered more efficient. However, disinfection can take place in the absence of people and animals. The type of irradiator and the processing time is determined by several parameters (equipment capacity, room volume, number of people). It is very important to carefully study the instructions for using the UV device and strictly follow all the recommendations stated by the manufacturer.

All in all, thorough and professional cleaning and disinfection can protect you and your family from the deadly virus. So, don’t hesitate to contact the cleaning company near you and ask them to do the job properly.

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