How to Accurately Measure Your Ring Size

Learning How to Accurately Measure Your Ring Fit is an important part of buying a new ring, but there are several steps to make sure that you get the right size. The first step is to select a ring with a diameter that is the same as the size you want. You can find a downloadable size chart here. When using a ring size chart, make sure that the arrows in the middle of the paper or string sit snugly.

Measure finger circumstance

First, you need to measure the inside circumference of your finger. This is easier said than done. All you need is a string or dental floss, a fine point pen, and a ruler. Wrap the string around your ring finger and tie a knot near the knuckle. Then, use a ruler to measure the length in millimeters. Keep in mind that different fingers on the same hand have different sizes, so you must always measure the finger that you plan on wearing the ring on. Also, try to measure it at the end of the day, when it will be at its largest.

Measure ring finger

The next step is to measure your ring finger. A ring is typically the ring finger on the left hand. Place the corresponding finger against a ruler and measure the inside circumference of the earlobe. Compare this measurement to a sizing guide. You can use a scaled-down version of the guide or place it on a ring image to get a more accurate measurement.

Visit jewellers

The next step is to visit a couple of jewellers in your area. Depending on the size of the ring you want to buy, you may need to go to two different locations to ensure that you get the best ring fit. If you haven’t tried on a ring yet, it may be too small or too large for you. However, a measuring tape is the easiest way to get an accurate measurement.

Cape a thin string

To accurately measure the size of your ring, wrap a thin string around your ring finger. Mark the string with a pen. Then, lay the string against a ruler to obtain the measurement in millimeters. If the ring fits too tightly, you should order half a size larger. In this case, you may have to slide it into the knuckle and then remeasure it afterward.

If you’re buying engagement rings for yourself, it’s a good idea to visit a jeweller. It’s best to visit a jeweller in person to be sure your finger size is correct. It’s important to make sure the store is open when you’re there so that they can measure you correctly. You can also use a ring size mapper tool to take the measurement.

Determine finger size

Before you start measuring your ring, you’ll need to determine the size of your fingers. A standard ring size will be the closest to the center of your hand. For example, a woman’s size 6 will be the same size from one jeweller to another. Similarly, a woman’s size 6 will differ slightly from one jeweller to the next. You’ll want to make sure that your fingers are as straight as possible, as this will help you get an accurate measurement.

Once you’ve determined the size of your finger, you’ll want to measure your ring’s circumference. A ring should fit snugly but not squeeze. If the girth is too wide, the resulting ring will be too loose. If the girth is too wide or too small, your sizing guide should be accurate. The girth, width, and length of the sizing chart are all factors to consider.


It’s important to note that a ring can vary in size. If you’re not sure of the exact circumference of the sizing guide, you can simply use a caliper to measure the girth of your ring. The girth, or the width of your finger, should be the most accurate measurements. The ring sizer should be able to accommodate a ring with a larger girth.