The importance of likes on social media


The importance of likes on social media

Social media has been all the rage since the rise of the internet. With the advent of new trends, behaviors and even industries, the rise of social media has led to media outlets such as Autos-likes de Instagram that assist users in getting the attention of every post. 

One of the main drivers of social media is attention. Decades before the growth of the Internet, people were attracted to more direct forms. Interest is currently measured by the number of likes and followers a user has on social media. 

For industries such as digital marketing, social media is a gateway to getting more public attention. Behind every campaign is a plan to get more likes. In this feature, Auto Likes takes a deep dive into why likes are important on social media. 

History of social media

The world is not as connected as it was decades ago as it is today. The origins of social media may refer to the emergence of websites meant to mediate social interactions although we cannot give full credit to singular sources as the world of social media and the internet is quite complex. 

The earliest traces of social media go back to the 1970s when computers began to explore communication between one device and another although this connection may be slower than what we like today. But a message or message that can be sent in minutes is almost as good as crafting sliced ​​bread!

It wasn’t until the 1990s that social media really took off. More and more people go online through their personal computers. The media had huge potential as text or messages became a big trend at the time. 

By 1997, the first form of social media was created. Six Degrees allowed online users to create their own accounts and follow other users they wish to connect with on the platform. It works almost the same way we use social media today except for its basic form.

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How does Like come in to play?

Since the birth of Six Degrees, other platforms such as Friendster and Facebook have taken the online world by storm in 2000. In this digital world where viral content has become a thing. As more and more users create accounts, they become more and more interested in the content. 

Websites like MySpace create “interesting content” tabs that highlight trends or topics around the world. At this point, the rise of viral content led to more social media. By 2006, Facebook was connecting users around the world more and invented the infamous ‘Like’ button. 

Users will read featured content and click on the ‘Like’ button if they like what they have just read or seen. Today, the more likes of a post, the more information it retrieves. The more influential a post is, the more people will pay attention to your content. The world of social media hasn’t looked back since. 

Social media and current likes

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Companies and brands are creative in reaching consumers in the future. There are many trends in the mediums that marketing teams use to communicate their brands through social media. 

A popular form of influencer marketing is influencer marketing. Influencers refer to people or individuals who have a large following on social media. More often than not, they are considered celebrities. But it doesn’t have to work the same way. Influencers are people who post viral content on their accounts. They have the creative freedom to create more or less interesting content. With every post they create, they determine the behavior of their followers. 

Marketing teams take advantage of the way influencers determine consumer behavior. They make deals with them, for example, influencers get paid for posting photos they hold or use their brands. Then the influence or reach is calculated from the number of likes. The importance of liking in this respect is essential in keeping the business alive. For some people, the number of likes affects their mental health and perceptions of reality. Negative effects often get attention. But that hasn’t stopped the brand from getting the attention it needs. 

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Why is liking so important?

Social media likes are important to industries and users for different reasons. There are issues and opinions on how people use social media following to their advantage. Likewise, for most users, likes are important and here are some reasons. Social media likes are an indicator for consumers that a brand is worth their money. 

Influencers get paid for featured products from certain brands. This sponsored content can get thousands or millions of likes on social media with the help of the following influencers. The more likes a sponsored post has, the more users will think the brand is worth their money. It makes them think that these famous influencers trust these brands and swear by their products. 

Social proof 

Social proof is how users or brands stay safe on social media. As with the reasons above, social proof is essential in keeping the influence strong. The more a user or brand likes a page, the more people will think that they are verified or a genuine certified brand or number. In the professional playground, job seekers may rely on company page likes to be safe. The more they like a company, the more job seekers feel that this company is worth applying for.

Likes make users feel worthwhile. 

The amount of attention a user gets on social media is measured by the number of likes their posts receive. Sometimes users don’t care about numbers – they only take into account the attention they receive. For example, when users post about their college graduation or birthday on their social media pages, friends, family, or even strangers want to comment or even share their thoughts or greetings. The number of likes, comments, and shares makes users feel that people are interested. It gives users the feeling that other people are watching their backs or even taking care of them, even if it’s almost real. In the grand scheme of the internet, the number of likes a user gets can feel like a big slap on the back. 

Likes get more users to follow you. 

The number of followers a user gets is just as important as the number of likes, a great indicator of social proof and influence. In a business realm, the following key points indicate that your brand is reaching a wider audience. The more viewers know about your brand. Followers can reach millions and celebrities or influencers with a large following tend to have bigger price tags. 

More often than not, likes tend to bring featured content to the top of the News Feed even if users don’t follow the Page or that user. More likes will bring you more followers. The increase in numbers in both of these departments usually means great things. 

Likes keep the online community fresh

The more likes of a post, the more the content becomes viral. The most viral of them all was taken to the top of most news feeds. This means that online communities are always full of new content. New content keeps social media fun and fresh. It’s almost always a good platform to stay informed of important events around the world. The likes keep the fan base alive as well as they can revive the dead. You might be surprised that a tweet you posted years ago might get likes today!


For many reasons, likes are important on social media. The number of likes you get doesn’t always prove your worth. For big companies, getting as many likes as possible is a strategy for getting their brand to their audience. For personal use, liking can be intimidating. Problems with using social media are still relevant today. People don’t say much about how liking might affect you personally. But it’s about how to manage the number of likes you get. While it is true that the number of likes you get affects a person in many ways, more often than not, it can be controlled. Social media likes are tools and indicators. It’s important to set your mind realistically to think that your worth as a person cannot be measured.

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