How to Apply for TRN in UAE

TRN is a specific and important number for individuals who are registered for VAT by the FTA in the United Arab Emirates. Many people looking for TRN registration UAE, so this is an online and simple process. If you looking for the process of registering a TRN number and want to know more they need to consult with the Taskmaster specialists who will provide you complete guidance and assistance on getting a TRN number in UAE and make it an easy process.

Taxation is a crucial topic for all businesses to understand. A complete understanding of jurisdiction’s tax rules and regulations can impact a business in a big way. That’s why this is very vital for businesses, particularly those looking to set up a new business in Dubai, to have a thorough knowledge of the tax condition in the jurisdiction in which they have selected to establish a business.

The UAE is considered the most suitable location to begin a new business as this gives a gateway to the Middle East markets. The country’s government is also trying to give a lot of advantages to businesses that are coming from distinct parts of the globe and making changes in the law so that the business, the economy of the nation is also benefitted.

The current change to the country’s taxation policy is the addition of the VAT in the United Arab Emirates. This builds a new income source for the government and would permit more spending on the part of the government. In the present situation, all businesses located in the UAE or registered in the nation should examine the overall revenue made by them and register for VAT if eligible.

After the completion of VAT registration procedure, the registrar would get a Tax Registration Number. This number would be available only after the completion of VAT registration process. This is an unspoken rule that all companies in UAE should have TRN number in UAE. 

Tax Registration Number in UAE 

Tax Registration Number in UAE is an exclusive number issued to the organization that is registered for the VAT in the UAE by the FTA. This is a 15-digit number through that the Federal Tax Authority would be able to differentiate you from other businesses throughout the process of tax. The organization to which the tax number is issued is known as a registrant, and this must mention always the TRN in the different documents as prescribed by the government. An instance of such documents comprises VAT returns, tax credit notes, tax invoices, and more.

This number would be automatically issued to you once you registered for VAT in UAE and TRN number would permit the government to hold the record of all transactions that are carried out by a business. only those companies or merchants who have obtained their certificate of TRN are permitted to collect value-added tax from the customers.

The Process to Apply for TRN in UAE 

For those who want to know how to apply for TRN in UAE them the procedure of getting a TRN number has been simplified as the process of registration can now be operated online. The business requires to register online with the FTA to complete the process of registration. to register online for VAT, you have to comply with the simple steps are given below:

  • Login to your E-service Account 

The first phase is to make an account on the online portal of FTA. To create an account, the business requires to give certain information like email ID and password to open an account. After giving the information you would be getting your login credentials for your account in the email specified earlier.

  • Click on Register for VAT 

After you log in to your account, there will be a clickable register button for VAT that reflects on the screen. You have to click on that button that would bring up a guide that would help you to get began with VAT. This guide would help you to know the factors of VAT in the United Arab Emirates. After reading the proper guide, you have to click on the button (Click here) to verify that you’ve read the complete guide and not your need to click on the proceed button.

  • Fill out the Necessary Details in the VAT registration Form 

After clicking on “proceed”, a form of registration would open on the screen. This form consists of 8 various sections that require giving the appropriate and essential information. Once all the essential information is properly filled on the first page, the site would permit you to go to the next second page. The track of the procedure of registration can be easily kept as the completed pages would be marked by a green tick mark. Once you filled all the pages, you have to click on the button of submission and approval.

It will send the proper registration form to the Federal Tax Authority, who would examine the form and would send you a mail of sanction. Upon sanction, the organization is completely registered for VAT in the UAE and gets a TRN number in UAE and the certificate of VAT stating the number. This number will be utilized to identify your business and yourself among the different businesses.

Documents Required for TRN in UAE 

For the VAT registration, there are certain documents that are required to be submitted to the FTA. The registration procedure is not required any physical presence. The list of necessary documents that you should have to prepare throughout the registration procedure is given below:

  • Registered Email ID
  • Owners and stakeholder’s passport copy and Emirates ID
  • Copy of Attorney of the manager
  • Letter of a turnover declaration
  • Projected future revenue
  • Bank account detail with IBAN number
  • The company’s registered address

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