How to bet safely in Korea to avoid any lawsuit?

Betting can make you rich and poor very quickly. So, You have to be very careful with your investment and bets. But, if you are in Korea, there is no alternative to being cautious with your betting habits. Korea is one of the very few countries that still exhibit complete control over the betting Industry.

Current situation

Nowadays, things are changing a little, and despite the Korean government permits only one physical casino to bet, there are countless online casinos today. There are legit backgrounds and reasons for the government to be stringent and rough here. Rules and regulations are essential factors to keep Korea as a 안전놀이터 (safe playground).

Other rules

If you abide by the primary rules and choose a legal casino to bet, Korea is a safe country to bet and earn money. So, let us discuss some more common yet essential facts that you need to follow while betting.

No emotional betting

If you want to enjoy betting, you can choose any betting game you like, but if you’re going to make the most out of the market, you have to go where the market is going. So, market analysis is a fundamental issue in betting. If you can not do it well, then you can take professional help too.

Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping services are your market analyzer and more. You can take a free or paid bookkeeping service to stay on top of the game by analyzing it better than others. It is a must-have tool these days to improve your betting skills, and especially If you are into the sports betting industry, then there is no alternative to it.

Also, if you are into sports betting, you have to understand that your favorite team will not win every time, and you have to play smart to get the deal. If you keep investing in the same team all time, it makes a pattern for the opposition team. Any predictability in the betting industry can be hazardous for your career.

No odd betting

If you are a newbie and the odds are very high, you should watch your moves and not bet a high amount here. It would be best to understand that there are significantly fewer chances of you winning a game with very high odds. These games are excellent for thought stimulation and enjoying the beauty of gambling, but it is a massive risk to take if you have everything at stake. You should not take it if you have minimal experience in this market.

No attempt of breaching security

Some people have a weird thought that they can chip in online betting machines easily to earn money. It is not suitable any day. Indeed, betting websites are one of the prime targets of the betters worldwide, but you need a highly trained and professional black hat hacker to do it. In Korea, the Korean government keeps an eye on the online betting industry too, and it will be a punishable offense to try invading the security protocol.

If you do not want to end up in detention, then it is a good idea to stay away from such thoughts in the first place.

Improve gradually

You might have found a hundred articles advising you not to put too much money into betting. It seems like a practical and realistic idea for beginners. After all, betting can take a nosedive anytime, and you may lose all your money in a game. But, you have to understand the reasoning here. The rule is for beginners only.

But, you have to ride the tires with time and increase the bets. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the best deals in the casino at all. So, there will be no growth. You can learn the rules well from the small bets but never leave the casino with a million-dollar Note without a big deal. So, you have to be very careful here. Never overestimate your skills, but underestimating it can bring you more trouble than good.

Tip the advisor

There are many advisors in a physical casino, and they mainly act as your first man in the casino. These people will lead you to the wealthiest table or luckiest roulette of the night if they think highly of you. It is straightforward to establish your good book and get the best deals of the night. You only need to tip these advisors regularly for a minimal amount from your winning bets.


Some casinos do not promote tipping the advisors or any staff in the casino. Some casinos want you never to provide extra money to anyone. But, etiquette is the essential jewelry of a man, and it shines through the behavior. Tipping the advisors no matter how the game went is a sign of royalty, and people will start treating you like it once you begin practicing these behaviors.

No alcohol on a game night

We already discussed that gambling could go both ways. You can take it as your timepass hobby, or you can work hard enough to gamble for your livelihood. It depends on your dedication and ambitions indeed. When you gamble for fun, alcohol can be a significant element to add to the charm of the evening. Make sure that you are spending to your limits these days.

But, if you are desperate to take betting as your primary profession, you have to understand that alcohol can be your friend of celebration only. Gambling is not merely placing bets and depending on the odds to bring you money. You will need sheer mathematical logic and information analysis capabilities to win a chance successfully.

Disadvantages of alcohol

Alcohol will make your mind hazy, and your logic will not work correctly at all. Also, it triggers euphoria, so the sense of losing games also reduces significantly. You will not see the red flags and keep playing past your hard limits very quickly. So, it is essential to avoid alcohol on your game nights at any cost.