How to Buy Wholesale Perfume Direct From Manufacturer?

The perfume business is one of the most profitable in the world, encouraging a large number of people to step into this market. That is to say, multiple options for you to choose for your perfume business. The most direct source is the wholesale perfume from perfume factory, but you may need to have some concerns, such as their professionalism, whether they have enough qualifications to accept such large orders, the quality of the raw materials they produce, and whether they can speak your language. In fact, not all perfume factories are capable of doing this task. Some large and professional perfume manufacturers in this area, such as ZUOFUN, may be able to meet your large orders and personalized needs to a greater extent.

In addition, there will be some well-known perfume manufacturers’ dealers will undertake such a business. Here comes the question that which is better to buy wholesale perfume from a third party or directly from a perfume manufacturer.  And what are the advantages of wholesaling perfume from manufacturers compared with the third party.

Buy wholesale perfume from a third party

Probably you meet a third party that offers perfumes at a reasonable price, and you want to place the order, but you should think again. A third party will never have better prices than the direct perfume manufacturer, plus the third party may not have the inventory you need. You will never know whether they have the perfume you require. Regarding quality, it could have been a long time since the perfume arrived at the third party’s warehouse, and if there was no proper handling of the product (storage, temperature, etc.), the perfume has probably changed its appearance, color, or lost qualities. Bad perfume will be noticed by our clients and make us lose credibility in our market.

Buy wholesale perfume direct from perfume manufacturer

The better decision is to wholesale perfume directly from the perfume manufacturer, because you can visit their facilities to understand the production process. If we want high-quality products, it is possible to request permits and certificates from the manufacturer of perfume. What is the most important is that you can keep your stock of perfumes assorted since perfume manufacturers have OEM perfume service to provide custom perfume service according to your needs. In this case, there is no need to worry about inventory and large orders. Moreover, a perfume manufacturer will always be more competitive than a distributor at the price as there are no other channels that need to cost.

How to buy wholesale perfume direct from a manufacturer?

The process is straightforward if you made it with a company that has a good record of accomplishment in this market as they already have standard processes, and we just need to follow them step by step:

  1. Research online to find the best perfume manufacturer according to the reputation, costs, experience, products and services they offer, delivery times, etc. You can also go to a vendor fair for face-to-face communication.
  2. Contact the perfume manufacturer as the case may be (e-mail, telephone, appointment at your office, etc.) to discuss your order.
  3. We recommend you place a trial order to understand the purchase process and verify the quality of the products.
  4. Once you have compared several perfume suppliers and verified their quality, it is time to choose one and confirm if you want to buy perfumes directly from the catalog of perfume manufacturers or prefer OEM perfume service.
  5. If you want a personalized product, you must deliver your requirements to the perfume manufacturer so that they confirm if it can be carried out. 
  6. Once the budget is approved and the payment has been made as agreed with the perfume manufacturer, the manufacturing process begins. It is recommended to maintain fluid communication to avoid delays or failures in the process.

Editor’s recommendation

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Perfume has become the daily necessities of everyone, bringing huge market demand in this industry. Now, develop a perfume business with your excellent perfume manufacturers!