How to choose the best swimsuit for each body type?

The swimsuit is one of those garments that, although it can last for many years, the reality is that once you decide to change it, the process becomes an odyssey, whether trying to find the right model or color that suits you. fit our figure. Summer is synonymous with vacations, heat, beach, pool and of course, bathing suits. The latter, both for women and men, becomes an essential garment for the time, especially because it must be fashionable and must fit correctly to the body so as not to let anything escape.


However, its choice is a headache for those who decide to change it often. All women have different textures and more developed attributes than others. That is why it is important to analyze our physique when choosing a swimsuit that will accompany us throughout the vacation.


Body Type

The shape of the body is essential when choosing a swimsuit. That is why it is important to first know what type of figure we have in order to accentuate the strengths and hide those on which we do not want to focus attention.


– Pear: Those who have this figure have shoulders and waist narrower than the hips. That is why it is recommended to wear swimsuits that are smooth on the bottom and have patterns on the top. It also suits this figure to use padded and strapless models. You should not wear any straps without any reason.


Apple/Oval: Women with this body type have a waist width greater than that of the shoulders and hips. For them, it is recommended that the bottom of the swimsuit be dark in color and higher on the sides. This flatters and gives the impression of a narrower silhouette.


Hourglass: This figure is characterized by the fact that the shoulders and hips are the same sizes, but not the waist, which is narrower. This figure is favored by all models of bikinis and swimsuits, especially those with prints on the bottom.


Rectangle: In this type of body, the hips, waist, and shoulders have the same measurement. Strapless tops and low-waisted bottoms are recommended for this figure to create the illusion of a curvaceous silhouette.


There are many that do not take this important factor into account. 

And it is that skin color is key when choosing which tone of swimsuit is best, regardless of the tan you have at the time.

– White skin: For people with very light skin, it is recommended to use dark tones such as black and strong blue and intense ones such as red and wine. Those that definitely do not favor are light and pastel colors.


– Skin color (black): For this skin tone the ideal colors are blue and orange. Those that should not be used are dark tones such as brown and black.

– Brown skin: For this type of skin, the colors that favor it are light green and yellow. Light colors and pastel shades are also ideal. Avoid beige tones.


Swimsuit Models

Formerly the types of swimsuits in the market were restricted. Now, there is an infinity of models, colors, and designs to choose from, even to combine. Although many times we must refer to those that arrive at stores in our country, there is always the option of buying from Kameymall online. Among the best known and used swimsuit models are:


– Entire: Wearing an entire swimsuit is no longer synonymous with being old-fashioned. Currently, there are many who prefer this model, which has even become a vintage option, which can be feminine and subtle but with a sexy touch.


Bikini: It is the model most used by women and is made up of two pieces. The great variety of designs has made it the favorite of many since it also favors when toasting and achieving an even tan.


Tankini: This garment is special for those women who want to hide some ‘roll’ that they don’t like. It is composed of a t-shirt with wicks that reaches below the navel and in its lower part can be accompanied by lower pants or panties.


Trikini: Unlike traditional swimsuits, the trikini has the quality of being made up of three pieces, which help to stylize the figure. It’s like the middle ground between the two-piece bikini swimsuits and the full bathing suit. Show what you want to highlight and hide what you don’t want anyone to notice.


Tips to make a good choice

  1. According to the Huffington Post site, you should not choose a swimsuit in a smaller size to look slimmer, as it will create the opposite effect. The ideal is to choose a model that fits the figure and makes you feel comfortable.
  2. Choosing the right swimsuit can take hours. That is why it is recommended to try on all the clothes that are necessary until you find the model that makes the body look better.
  3. If you have wide hips, it is recommended to use more sober colors for that part and thus hide it.
  4. If you have a small bust, the ideal is to use stronger colors so that the upper part is the center of attention. Now, if you have a lot of busts, it’s best to choose a bra that keeps everything in place and doesn’t give more volume

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