How to create ad layouts in stories?


How to create ad layouts in stories?

A successful layout for advertising on Instagram will help users sell their goods, products, services, as well as get a huge customer base in this service. Instagram has already ceased to be an ordinary social network where people share their photos and communicate.

Every day, millions of users enter the service, who can become someone’s potential clients. But without cool Instagram story designs, advertising will not be as effective. Therefore, some time needs to be spent on thinking through the concept and creating an advertising leaflet for the social network.

Where to find banners for ads?

Many newcomers to the social network do not know what an Instagram ad layout is. And even more, so they do not understand where to look for it. You can take a ready-made banner or create it yourself. In fact, you can act in any way you like. If you are a more experienced user, you can easily, quickly and most importantly for free, create it from scratch. There are many applications that allow you to do this. They have ready-made templates, blanks, layout elements.

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Creating a layout

There are various apps for creating Instagram ads. They have free and paid ready-made templates, the elements in which you can change at your discretion. Including replacing colours, inscriptions, fonts, moving frames, additional pictures, and so on.

For example,VistaCreate offers a large selection of free ready-made templates that can be changed at your discretion. There are also paid functions, which are available at a low price. The interface of the site is clear, any user can understand it. Here he can find inspiration for the design of future social media advertising.

Where is the best place to advertise?

Increasingly, the advertising layout for Instagram is created by bloggers and business accounts for the stories section. This section of the social network Instagram has become more visited. In addition, the format in which the publication disappears after 24 hours is suitable and convenient for advertising. Bloggers no longer need to leave an ad post in their feed and then delete it. Now it will disappear itself if you place it in the stories.

Helpful tips

Before making advertising layouts for Instagram for stories or feeds, you need to learn the main rules for a successful landing:

  • bright, eye-catching design;
  • a clear call to action;
  • brief submission of all the necessary information;
  • fast page performance.

An advertising video or post should cover all possible questions of a potential client. It is not necessary to place all the information on the layout. The main thing is to create intrigue, add a call to action so that a person goes to the page and gets answers to all questions there.

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Instagram story ad layouts help you promote your blog or commercial account. When ordering ads from some blogger, you will need a ready-made layout for placement in stories. If you have a lot of experience, you know how to make advertising layouts, videos, you can make good money on this.

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