The modern world is changing at a fast pace and keeping up with these changes is very difficult. In a world where everything is going on digital platforms and more and more influencers are molding the way we think and react, social media definitely plays a very big role in all our lives regardless of whether we choose to use it ourselves or not. 

Fashion is another way to influence people in a way that doesn’t seem to leave a huge impact but in reality, it does. The young generation is always a step further than other people in following trends and becoming a part of this society.

These days, women icons are also being identified and have gathered a huge following on social media. Every person seems to promote their set of ideas and beliefs as the other people follow their favorite influencers who seem to be flawless. 

In reality, they are no different from us and may also use one of the best hair loss treatments for females or use natural ways to take care of the skin and hair that they confidently flaunt on social media. 


The female anatomy is very different from male anatomy. Not just in basic physical ways but also in the way the internal dynamics work. Females tend to have different body issues as compared to males and hair loss is one such issue. 

Even though men suffer from hair loss and hair thinning as well, females tend to have a more complex mechanism behind the growth of their hair and the reasons they start to fall or get damaged.

Some external issues like exposure to the sun, chlorinated water, or environmental pollution can cause extreme hair damage in both men and women but in the case of women, even internal hormones have a big role to play in the quality of their hair and its overall health.

The female body goes through many major changes during the course of their lives like puberty, pregnancy, etc. These phases are marked by various physical as well as hormonal variations that occur in the female body during these phases. 

A slight disbalance of hormones can cause major issues in women like teenage or adult acne and hair fall. 

Even though one can make sure to take care of their hair at home in a natural and chemical free way, it becomes very hard to see any visible effects of these remedies on the health of one’s skin or hair if the damage is caused due to internal mechanisms like hormonal disbalance. 


One of the easiest tests to take at home is the hair porosity test. One can grab two strands of their hair and place them on the surface of some water in a glass. If the hair sinks to the bottom immediately, it is highly porous. 

If it sinks after a few minutes, it may have medium porosity and if the hair does not sink at all, it may have low porosity. Most hair grows and takes up a certain form. Its porosity is the measure of how much moisture can be retained in the hair and how well it can absorb external oils. 

If one has damaged hair, it will be highly porous and sink to the bottom of the glass immediately. This is because damaged hair has an outer layer that is eroded due to various reasons like chemical treatments or heat damage. 


Everyone wants to have hair that is as beautiful as the people we see on social media or the screen. The best hair loss treatment for women includes some age-old recipes to mask the hair in and let the magic work. 

Oiling frequently is one way to make sure that the hair remains healthy for a long time. Washing the hair every two to three days will make sure that the scalp is clean and promote healthy hair growth. 

These days, we need to be out and about in the world while sun exposure and pollution can damage our hair severely. It is important to use a conditioner after every wash and serum to ensure that our hair is not dry or brittle and can withstand the harmful effects of the sun and the atmosphere.

Using hair masks out of yogurt, milk, honey, banana, egg, and oatmeal can help one have an extra boost of moisture for the hair and the best thing is that these items can easily be found at home.

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