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How to download Instagram Reels videos to your mobile device with IG downloader and app?

Along with music features that can be used to create stories, the Instagram social media platform has officially brought the Reels short video service.

From there, domestic users can directly enjoy various kinds of interesting programs from these services without installing an application to activate the virtual private network.

For those of you who don’t know, Reels is a feature inside the Instagram app with functions like TikTok and SnackVideo services that will allow users to share video content up to 15 seconds long.

In this new Instagram feature, users will find a variety of short-lived programs ranging from humorous, inspirational video content to informative content that can be enjoyed according to interests.

But like other short video services, Reels on Instagram also does not support the option to download videos directly. Therefore, someone who wants to save the content is forced to choose another option. Get more information

Users in this case require special services in the form of IG downloaders or apps. Follow the detailed download below.

How to download Instagram Reels

Using IG downloader Reels video

  • Open Reels feature on Instagram
  • Find the short video you want to download
  • Click More options (three-dots icon) located in the menu bar on the right side of the screen.
  • Select Copy link option to copy the video link
  • Switch the Instagram app and open an Internet browser on your phone
  • Go to Instagram video downloadSnapInsta
  • Paste video link in URL paste field and select Reels download mode
  • Click download side next to the field paste the URL
  • Wait until the video from Reels appears on the page
  • Click the Download Video button and wait for the video to finish downloading to the device

IG downloader SnapInsta is one of my favorite services as it supports the option to download video and audio from various platforms including Instagram Reels them.

Even so, SnapInsta is not the only service that can be used to download videos from Instagram Reels as users can also use sites similar to iGram which can be accessed through the

In general, users can also use these websites in a similar way with minor adjustments due to different settings and layouts.

By app SnapX

  • Copy Instagram Reels video URL as described above
  • Install special apps like SnapX
  • Make sure to agree to the terms of service by tapping the agree button
  • Allow access to storage archive if needed
  • Use the feature or paste the URL of the Instagram Reels video in the field provided if it doesn’t run automatically
  • Once the content preview is loaded in the app, click download the video or the appropriate button
  • Give it a name and storage location, then click Download if settings appear.


Downloading Instagram Reels to your mobile device is really easily done in two ways: IG downloader Reels and app. However, do not share videos carelessly. Let’s be respectful of the creator’s work and privacy.

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