How to entertain yourself during the pandemic

Concerts, sporting events, cafes, cinemas, and restaurants are being canceled or closed, and experts recommend that we all avoid the crowds at this time of the global pandemic. The fact that our movement is limited often raises the question of what to do in our free time at home.  While you are closed, you can carry out certain activities so as not to get bored. We’ve put together a few ideas to help you fill your time during a pandemic and make it more interesting.

Play Games

When going out of the house and hanging out with friends is limited, our monitors, keyboards, and joysticks become equally valuable household members. This is the perfect time to play a video game, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Because when the real world is currently unavailable, a simulated version may be what we need. You can try games such as GTA, The Witcher, Call of Duty, some medieval gambling games such as Nine Men`s Moriss, SIMS, and for those who are a little adventurous, you can try flying, which is offered by DCS (Digital Combat Simulator). Although playing games is not a long-term solution, it can provide temporary relief and fun for some.

Gym at home

Keeping fit can be difficult due to a hectic schedule, but the current situation gives you the perfect opportunity to start exercising. Exercising at home does not require expensive equipment and a gym. To start, you need a small area in your house and a strong will. And if you don’t know where to start, you can find many online fitness programs created for home workouts. In the app store, you can find completely free fitness apps. This may seem like a small move, but it will significantly impact your appearance and mental state because exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy, which we all need.

Read books

Reading can cost you very little or nothing at all. You certainly have books standing on your shelf and waiting to be read. Take a look at library sites. Many offer e-books, audiobooks, which you can download for free with your membership. Whether you like adventure books, horror, history, and others, they open windows to some other worlds. Reading allows for research, new knowledge, and a richer vocabulary, so now is an ideal opportunity to wipe the dust off books and relax with them.

Watch a movie or series

Watch a tv show or movie that your friends have recommended or that you have long wanted to watch because you didn`t have time. Now is the time to enjoy streaming services like Disney +, Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime …Once you figure out which streaming service you want, you can make up for all the movies and series you’ve been waiting a long time to watch. You can enjoy old and new shows depending on your preferences. Those who are not sure what to watch can always check the reviews online and make an easier decision.

Find a hobby

Although boredom is associated with a negative connotation, studies show that boredom encourages creativity. Exploring a new creative endeavor can be just what you need to get through the afternoon downturns and liven up your day. Few ideas you can try are crocheting, drawing, origami, starting a blog, keeping a diary. If you are into music, you can learn to play an instrument. Art projects are another thing you can do. With a little paint or crayons, easel, or clay, you can creatively express your feelings. Try your hand at making homemade bread, yogurt, cheese, and jams. The possibilities are endless.

Spend more time with your kids

During a pandemic, one of the biggest challenges for all parents is how to have fun at home while making it equally fun for the youngest and parents. Today it is easier than ever; thanks to a wide range of games, toys, and games, you can choose the right games depending on the age and gender of the children. Playing with children, for parents and little ones, are the most beautiful memories that will be retold for years. The choice of games is varied; there are classic games like monopoly, giant puzzles, and everyone’s favorite Lego dice.

Grow a garden

Many studies have shown that caring for plants can improve your mood, blood pressure, heart rate, and happiness hormone levels. But don’t worry your garden does not only have to be outdoors but can also be indoors. Just make sure you plant plants that can grow well indoors. You can plant flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs outdoors, which can reduce your need to go to the store. If you have never gardened before, there is no reason to worry. Today you can learn a lot online. Information can be found on YouTube, blogs, and articles. 

Improve your cooking skills

Although it is one of the necessary skills, it can be a lot of fun. The kitchen is a great place to experiment, and now you have time to try some recipe like Gordon Ramsay’s original Fish & Chips recipe. Cooking and baking can also be very meditative. Make your favorite playlist or podcast while you cook, and make that activity fun and creative.

Human beings are always restless if they do not have something to occupy the time. Although we work a lot, even from home, we need to have time for other activities that will fulfill us, and maybe some of these activities from the list sound like good opportunities for you.

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