How to find the best Video Production Comapnies to Hire

Are you looking into getting a professional video or series of videos made as part of your marketing strategy?

Then you will undoubtedly come across tens to hundreds of companies via Google that at first sight all offer the same video production and video marketing services. From sole proprietorship to large-scale agency like NJ Video Production.

Which video party is the best choice?

The best video company to work with depends on several factors. In my opinion, there are important pillars that you should consider one by one when you want to outsource your video marketing.

Namely the expertise of the company, their portfolio, reviews, the size of the company, favorability, working method, region, the willingness to give good advice and of course, last but not least: the price. I will go through them all in this article and weigh the different options against each other. Hopefully this will help you find the perfect video company!

What is video production expertise?

There are all kinds of video companies that specialize in a particular niche within video production.

You can find a specialist for almost every type of video. Think of video live streaming, animation, VR, commercials, branded content or timelapses.

You also have all sub-branches within a certain video production branch:

You have companies that make timelapses, but you also have companies that mainly make hyperlapse timelapses.

Which video content is the most offered?

In particular, there are many all-round video production agencies in the Netherlands that specialize in branded video content.

Branded video content usually revolves around creating a video series in campaign form, this content can then be shared in multiple “episodes” or items on your YouTube channel, website or a social platform like LinkedIn. A series like this is great for your reputation and visibility, which is why many marketers invest in it.

Well-known branded video content that you come across online are interview series, reports, customer reviews, vlogs or, for example, a career series.

Focus on sub-genre branded content

Within this category there are also video agencies that focus entirely on a certain sub-branch of branded content, for example recruitment videos. They have focused on HR managers who have been helped through good vacancy videos to find the perfect new colleague.

So if you want something very specific such as vacancy videos, time-lapse recordings or virtual reality, and you have not engaged a video company before, it is perhaps best to search directly for a video company that specializes in that genre.

What does their work look like? (portfolio)

Another good indicator is simply to take a good look at the portfolio and to play five videos at random. What kind of videos does the company actually make? Do they mainly do scripted commercials, or do they do more branded content? Or do they mainly make animations?

Does it affect you? Is it a style you like?

Based on this you can make a good first selection. Personally, I would highly value the style and quality you find in a portfolio. This shows in which videos they are the best. The videos that are at the top are usually the ones they prefer to make themselves.